Saturday, December 08, 2007

Swings and Swipes.

Just me and Jonathan again so it was a faster paced one arm swing day than when Nick slows us down with all that heavy squatting :)) .Didnt get much good sleep last night so I didnt know how good my endurance would be; normally the 28kg bell gets 12 rep sets but I dropped it to 10's today to make sure.Once I warmed up though I felt great.

One arm swings

28kgx10/10x16 sets
340 reps
21,420 lbs

this was just right workload.Especially happy with the last set where I did them back to back just to get it over with ;)teshnik felt good the whole time.very snappy and powerful. PR is 400 so this is 80%.

One arm swipes
10lbx20 each arm
15lbx25 each arm
15lbx30 each arm
10lbx30 each arm

these were great!can't wait to get the 25 lber!SO much of this is all about the grip, go figure.definetly figuring it out on the fly.

Two hand circular casts
15lbx25 each direction
x30 each direction.

love it.very fluid stuff and the shoulders love it.

Clean to flag
15lbx20 x 4 sets

this is new but I like it already.I might have to get a 45 lb cb as well for some of these two hand moves!

Datsit, staying loose

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