Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The clock never lies.

which is why I hate training by one.But since the weight is so light in the maxvo2 snatch workouts and the rest periods frequent I can suck it up once a week,lol.
Had thoughts about 20 sets of 7 and 20 sets of 8 but after yesterdays swipe and mill fun and tons of demo work today I decided against it. 40 solo sets was enough in itself. 15 seconds is just not that much time to rest and it keeps getting shorter after each set.

max vo2 snatch
16 kgx 7 repsx35 sets
x8 repsx5 sets
total reps:285
total lbs:10,260
this was done very workman like and I took the full 15 sec by holding the lockout longer.
the last five reps spint got my finishing HR to 180+ no problem. Form does feel solid though.

Clubbell Hammer swings
15lb clubbell x 65/65 pr
10lb clubbellx 30/30

at first I was goin to only swing in one direction thinking the force was clockwise.I then realized it was counterclockwise: much easier because it's my old gymnastics twisting direction. I need the opposite to counter it( no wonder it was so easy,lol).Did the easy side first and got 65 fairly strongly.Lots of stops and starts on the left side( left arm on top) trying to figure out the groove. 65/65 though, is Coach Sonnon's number for the Hammer swing portion of his Trial by Fire.

CB Barbarians
15lbs x10/10x3

this was tough. I was done

CB Flag
15lbs x5/5x3

this was solid.

bw 160.4
bf 8.7%
water 60.4%

dats it, 3 days in a row. Havent done THAT in eons.A very good sign

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