Thursday, November 29, 2012

Double bell power swings.

Good but tough day today. Full schedule of clients which is always good but made for a very long day. With hard training at the end. With very little food. All good but tough going at the end. And then Glenn had to cancel with an emergency so it was solo.

It was dark and wet and nasty outside but at least it wasn't cold so that was something. And I realized I can organize my training so I can have it all :)) Heavy high pulls on tues and then two bell swings AND two hand swings on thursday. Just not as many sets of each. Alternate power swings on one version and the ballistic on the other and then switch the next week.

Wk 1 2 kb power swing
         2 hand ballistic swings
Wk 2 2 kb ballistic swing
        2 hand power swings
Wk 3 2 hand ballistic swings
         2 kb power swing
Wk 4 2 hand power swing
         2 kb ballistic swing
plus I can alternate the starting exercise as well for a nice four week cycle. Each workout will necessitate different weights volumes and loads. Nice.

But that meant two hand power swings today, which I've never gone. No time like the present.I didn't feel weak,just tired.

Also, got a full one hour rifga stretchout from 6-7 and 2 primal move sessions with clients as well. Lots done before I even got to Stones. :))

It's a blessing to be able to do so much work. No joke.

two kb power swings
2 14 kg x 5 x 3 sets
2 16 kg x 5 x 3 sets
2 20 kg x 5 x 2 sets
2 24 kg x 3 x 3 sets

heres the 20 kg x 5 set:

these were HARD but really worked where I am weak: the hike pass back. As inexperienced as I am with double swings and I completely a newbie with these. but much progress will be made. guaranteed.

Two hand swings
24 x 10 ( did this feel LIGHT,lol)
28 x 10
32 x 10
36 x 10
32 x 10
28 x 10

I had delusions of 40 kg or more but I hit a wall. Bell speed slowed on the 36 so that was the sign that that was all I was getting.

Snatch Holds

16 kg x 30 sec
20 kg x 30
22 kg x 30

these were tough, energy flagging. the end is nigh :))

P bar pushups ( bench press pos)
3 x 5 
'not good. shoulder making noise from the get. done


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back to high pulls

Once you have had a serious back injury; the kind where you can't really can't bend, stand walk or lie down well you realize that something like that can happen again. You may be better now but once you KNOW how really wrong things can go, you're ever on the lookout for it. The little signs, that tell you  that perhaps a storm is coming. Perhaps not but you better be ready.

I have been pretty much back pain free for almost two years and it's been great. I thank God every morning as I turn over in bed with no problem for being able to do that, as well as a myriad of other basic things you don't think about til you can't do them without pain or restriction.

But I've been doing a LOT of two hand swings, two kb swings, squat pattern work as well as a ton of volume as well and obviously not enough stretching as this weekend my back tightened up a bit. Not a big bit but still a scary bit. And the tight lower abs and psoas and QL brought back some very ugly and painful memories.

The hour I spent in weird positions pulling avocados off the tree didn't help either. SO I got in to work early this morning and got to work opening up some very tight front panel and lats.
It did the trick. As it always does but it was a pretty nasty reminder just how close I always am to being really jacked up again.

Back injury and pain is no joke. Neither is doing your correctives and mobility work AND staying sure your structure is balanced. I need one arm ballistic work to keep my stabilizers working maximally, being as asymmetry and unbalanced as I am. Hey, that doesnt' read right :))

5:30 am
Rifga focus on back bends and overhead stick stretches. Lats and front panel ridiculously tight

High pulls
16 kg x 5/5/ x3
20 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 5/5/
28 kg x 5/5
32 kg x 5/5 x 3 sets
28 kg x 5/5 x 3 sets
24 kg x 8/8 x 2 sets

This pushed reset and all was well with my back. Crazy how fast things can go wrong or go right :))

Belt squats
40 kg x 15  x 4 sets

as usual, this also pushed reset.

1/2 pullups
4 sets of 4 reps

back to scapula pullups. now that I've regained my push pattern it's time to reclaim my pull pattern. These will be full pullups in no time

Bb laterals
3 x 10/10


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Watching the wheel , not the peak.

I was a horrible climber on a racing bike. I never had any leverage sitting down to spin up hills so I had to stand for any climb I wanted to be able to put some effort into. One thing I learned very quickly is that you NEVER look up to the top of the climb or even think about how much further you have to go. You just watch the road and the wheel right in front of you, relax and breathe and just keep turning the pedals.

Anything else is psychologically devastating as it ALWAYS seems way too far, way too hard. The same thing here in KB land when I have a lot of reps ( anything over 5 ,lol) or a lot of sets to do in swings or snatches. Just watch the wheel and do one rep at a time, one set at a time. Don't get ahead of yourself or panic. Just go.

And I felt good this morning but when I realized that 8 sets was 192 I thought perhaps I should do 9 sets and break the 200 barrier again. But as soon as I do that I have to bump the reps up and I'm in no hurry to do that, so one set PR was the goal. I could live with 192 snatches :))

It was freaking frozen in Stones gym today too so we had extra warmups, BUT it was only a 20 kg so the fear factor was not there. Which almost made it worse, didn't need to get psyched at all, which meant no adrenaline to help me. Oh well, suck it up :))

7 am Rifga stretchout 40 minutes getting back to work here again. Need it:))

16 kg x 5/5/5 x 3
16 kg x 5/5 x 2 ( snatch)

20 kg x 12/12 x 8 sets
192 reps\8448 lbs

took about 5 sets for my lungs to open up. then I started getting tired ,lol . This is a lot of reps for me!
here is set 5

 the heavier weight makes me stronger to make these lighter bells and higher reps easier. the high rep sets make my form more solid for the heavier bell. each weight and rep scheme helps all the others, It's working very well so far

CB arm casts 
25 lbs x 10/10
35 lbs x 8/8
          x 10/10

these were tough but manageable.

P bar pushups
1 x 8 
this groove was too fatigued from thur and chains
Floor pushup
2 x 7 
still too much instability
Horizonal P bar
1 x 8

this was MUCH better. Very much like a bench press. really tried to "break" the bar apart as I descended locking in the rotators. Almost no instability. Nice. Have to play with this more.

that's all she wrote.  Time to eat :))


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Two hand swings, Westside-Style.

I love this alternating of ballistic two hand swings and dead stop power swings. Pavels 'same but different' mixed with Louie's alternation of special exercises: essential the same but different as well.
Just different enough to stimulate in a new way but similar enough to actually have a crossover effect to the main exercise.
Switching them each week is paying off so today I thought it would be a good idea to combine them and come up with a new special exercise; a power swing followed immediately by a ballistic one.
Tracy does this type of stuff all the time but to me it's new.
The goal in the swing is to learn how create maximal speed and power from a dead start. The goal of the ballistic swing is to maximize power and acceleration from the momentum of the back part of the swing(" where the swing actually happens", says my wife. And she's right.

So it makes sense to combine them and try to get as much acceleration from the power swing as you get in the ballistic.

And man these were tough. And it also so nice to be able to play with a 32 kg bell and feel that it's actually not that heavy. There was a time, not TOO long ago, that ANYTHING under 400 lbs I just did not consider heavy. And 100 pounds was not heavy for anything, under any circumstances.

The key here, just as on WSB squat or bench speed day, was to move the weight as fast as possible; throughout every inch of the range of motion. They needed bands and chains and to squat on a box to accommodate leverage with squats and benchs but not with the kb. Just a heavy enough bell .Of course one can always attach a jump stretch band :)) and then it REALLY becomes interesting

But, either way the key is to try to stand as fast as possible.Maximal compensatory acceleration.Faster is better and more powerful.

But that was many moons ago and for the last 5 years  32 kg was a heavy weight and 48 was VERY heavy; too heavy for me for anything but deadlifts. Not fun
No longer and it IS fun now.
 But today was not easy as yesterday I got bit by some allergen and spent about 15 hours sneezing non stop.

I thought I was sick but it was an allergy attack and I didn't realize how much it took out of me til this afternoon. I was SORE! from sneezing, lol. and tuesdays workout but as much from sneezing.

But the power was still there and I just got it done. Nick showed up and all three of us got the workout done quickly

Power/Ballistic swings
20 kg x 5
24 kgx5
32 kg x 1 power/ 1 ballistic x 5 x 10 sets
100 reps
7200 lbs

Pbar pushups with chains
Bw x 8
      x 8
25 lb chain x 6
                 x 6 + 1 bw

another WSB type variation on the pushup. Still on p bars but with the chain draped over the hips. Soon it will be the neck. I used to do close grip pushups to a bar on the low pin of the power rack with 100 lb plate on my back for 2 sets of max reps on max effort day.Every 4 th workout was  a max rep workout and my best was 33 reps. Not bad but I've got a ways to go.
But I've also come so far on my pressing. It was just August that I couldn't do ONE full pushup and not it's back to weighted sets and reps.

I will take it :))
Still had some movement in the shoulder after 4 reps but it wasn't subluxing.

bb laterals ss band laterals
2 sets of 10/10 each


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More double bell swings.

I'm starting to like these. Since I can now train the two hand swing it just seemed logical that I could do these as well. I've been moving my stance in on one arm swings and snatches for quite awhile now as it seems to compliment my one arm swing style but opening it up for the two hand swing and now the two kb swing has really brought me back to my powerlift roots.

It's actually much easier on the knees as my shins stay perfectly vertical the whole time. They literally can't go forward when I'm that wide. Glenn noticed it reminded him of barbell power good mornings we used to do for strengthening the back for squats and deads and I agree.

In fact when I first came to kbs from powerlifting I saw the same thing ,and the power good morning was my favorite move! The best parts of the squat without the worst( depth :))
So I took my stance out even more today for the swings and they were better.  much easier to find the hips.

6-7 am 
full rifga stretchout

1 pm
Two KB swings
2 14s x 10 x 2
2 16s x 10
2 20s x 10  x 10 sets
100 reps
8800 lbs ( that adds up fast)

these got tough at the end. Just not used to this groove at all but I really sat back and forced myself to not rush or force the groove. The torque technique I learned from Starrett has completely changed how I feel about squatting and how I squat or swing.
By really setting the torque in my feet from the start, the knees actually unlock and screw tight at the right places and the  knee is way more stable under load.
The hips are actually loaded correctly too and are more stable and strong at the same time.

Hip Belt squats
36 kg x 20 reps  x 4 sets

close stance here was a good balancer to the wide stance swings. these felt great. used a med tempo steady rhythm.

KB extensions on floor
18 kg x 10 x 4 sets

these are always hard, lol. but shoulder held up fine.

Bodyblade laterals
3 x 10/10


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Smooth and Strong ;200 24 kg snatches

I can't remember the time I could do 200 reps in the 24 kg snatch in a workout. Well I just looked it up and it was in 2008.
here is the blog post about it;

This was my all time PR just two saturdays before it:

I did it in ten sets of 10/10. Today it was probably harder in some ways, 18 sets of 5/5 and one set of 10/10.

And the best thing is that not only I did it but Glenn and Nick did as well. I know it's the first time Glenn every hit this number and I think it's probably the first time as well for Nick ( who not a fan of volume). Here's Glenn's set:

This is truly amazing. The most reps he's ever done and the best form.It really did all come together for him today and the mantra was 'smooth and strong'.Don't rush the back swing.It worked great.

It's almost a year to the month that Glenn started training at Stones with Nick and me

We've been cycling our weights and rep schemes and it's been working out very well; this is the proof. We hit 170 reps last time with this weight but I was ready to go for it.But when I realized that last time we did 17 sets I gulped. That's a lot of sets, a LOT of picking it up and putting it down. But that was the goal and we just got started.

Happily it was balmy today and not freezing so that was a help too.

 When we got started it was a monumental task chipping away at all these sets, in such short bursts. For the first 10 sets we didn't say a word , just alternated turns moving pretty dang fast.Just focused on one rep at a time, one set at a time. Don't think ahead or even try to compute how many more you had to do. Just go.
Don't think, just go.

And we did and it got closer and closer and then we put some weight on the gas pedal a bit knowing we were going to make it. But we were all getting a bit tired as well but we knew it was going to happen,

I decided to combine the last sets to one; just get the damn thing over with and two: make sure I still had some reps in me despite the fatigue. Yes and yes.

7 am: 30 min rifga stretchout and foam roll. should have done more but almost too anxious to get snatching

8 am
one arm swing warmup 16 kg x 5/5 x 3

16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 3/3

24 kg x 5/5 x 18 sets
         x 10/10
200 reps ( recent pr)
10,600  lbs!

Shield Cast
15 lbs x 10/10
25 lbs x10/10 x 2

Knuckle pushups
4 sets of 7,7,8, 10! 

nice! another pr. the knuckle position( neutral) was definitely easier on the shoulder. very happy with this.

tired. want breakfast. Very very happy with this.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Train your weaknesses, Compete your Strengths.

After doing two kb swings for the first time in forever Tuesday, today's two hand swings with just the single bell seemed almost easy! I never thought I would write that;)
I had to go so wide for the double bell swings it brought back my old powerlifter's stance from the muscle memory banks and that was actually a good thing,

I spent much time with an ultra wide stance when powerlifting, as that was what my coach Louie Simmons told me to do ,and it made sense.Kind of, At the time. The wider you stand the more the hips are forced to work. This builds glutes, hammies and the posterior chain, allows one to stay more upright and minimizes shear forces on the knee.

But I had very little leverage, raw strength or power in that position. That it is, without my squat suit bottom. that thing helped a lot. Think about squatting in tight jeans and you get the picture. In fact, at one time I had a seriously good denim squat suit and a canvas one. But wide stance raw? Nothing.

But it got better over time. The above picture is of my best competition squat, a 573 lb 2nd attempt at the 1997 APF Master's Nationals. I made a 545 opener, this 573 on my second attempt and a miss at 601 on my third. Had I known that was the last time I would ever have 600 pounds on my back again I would have made it. I weighed 190 lbs, drug free.

Had I followed my instincts and wore olympic shoes with a heel and narrowed my stance I would have made 601 and more, I truly believe. That was my strong position and I should have competed in it.
TRAINED the wide stance to make my weakpoints, my glutes and hips stronger, but competed in my strong positions, to maximize leverage and power.

But I did mucho reps in this wide stance and it really was easier on my knee. I neglected to keep enough quad strength and ankle mobility going during this time( which turned out to be a big mistake) but the wide stance is much gentler on everyone's knees.

Bottom line: the wide stance I will be force to use to train my heavy double swings and snatches will not be as hard as I thought. It will be going back to what I used to do, and, like then, not so fun. But it will make me stronger.

And bringing the stance in, after super wide, as I did today makes it seem that much stronger

Two hand swings
16 kg x 10 x2 ( cold garage, no passive warmup)
20 kg x 10
24 kg x 10
28 kg x 10 x 15 sets.

these were fast strong and easy. Perfect weight for today after last weeks Beast work

Snatch Holds
16 kg x 30 sec
20 kg x 30 sec
24 kg x 30 sec
20 kg x 45

gotta get back to 45-60 seconds holds with the 24 kg.

P bar pushups 

5 x 7,7,8,7,5

held my eye gaze higher and head up more here. felt good. shoulder perfectly stable for 4 reps then makes noise( no sublux) after that, especially as I fatigure

band laterals
3 x 15/15 red band

encouraged by the two handers today.keep working the adductor flexibility as well


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New territory

I still can't believe that after all these years I can actually train the two hand kb swing.It's a crazy good move and I knew exactly what I had been missing all these years.

The most powerful expression of the swing that one can do and with some of the heaviest weight. But not the heaviest ( unless one is using a t bar handle), that is reserved for double bell swings.
And when I saw that Pavel had re instituted double bell work for the SFG Level 1 course I thought I might be able to train these  moves again as well.

Right again. I started with 20 kg two bell swings last week and, to be honest, they were hard. Well not hard as well as awkward. I just don't have a groove in them and I don't have the hip with or size to do well as wide as I have to go to swing them. But, too bad so sad, get to work and improve as much as you can. That's all that matters.

So went back to the double today, especially after being inspired by Ricardo Garcia  SFG 2, from Full Force PT in Modesto watching his double cleans with 40kg bells. Ricardo only weighs 141 pounds and when he told me he had to double snatch the 24's for 5 reps to re cert his Level 2 I knew I had to get to double work!

One arm swing warmup
16 kg x 5/5 x 3

Two KB swing
2 16s x 8 x 2
2 20's x 5

2 24s x 5 x 7 sets

These started out tough and got better. The video is sets 3 or 4. I really have to get back on my heels at the top to not get pulled over. I found this out on the down sets with the 20 kg but I was happy these went as well as they did.
Such a different balance point and groove.
2 20's x 8 x 5 sets

these actually felt great! way better than last week. Better bell speed on eccentric and concentric and better bell  height as well. the 24s today felt like the 20s did last week. Just need to do a lot more reps and start including double cleans and snatches as well.

Belt squats
32 kg x 20 x 3 sets

these were good and fluid.this is another key "balancer" or corrective for me. If I don't do them my hamstrings are much tighter the next day.need the quad stim as well.

BB laterals
3 x 10/10


Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Inch by inch is a cinch"

yard by yard is hard, so the saying goes and this seems to be the case these days.Added another set to the last 22 kg snatch workout volume and could have done more but didn't feel the need. The sooner I get to to 200 + snatches in the workout the sooner I have to bump the reps to 9/9 and I'm in NO hurry.

A PR is a PR and that was what today was. Just like when I tried WSB max effort day if I added just 2.5 to 5 lbs to my max effort lift of the day I got what I came for and went home happy. And leaving some on the table for the next workout :))

The body( legs, knee) was yelling a bit from Thursdays Beast swings and belt squats but that was ok, But it was bloody COLD in Stones gym today and the Tommy Kono neoprene knee sleeves worked very well. They're a bitch to get on but once they warmup they retain heat very well and give the old knees a bit of a cushion for my leg work.

Old training partner and good friend Joe Sarti dropped in for a workout and it was just like old times. Joe is a serious Mutant and is pretty much strong and capable at whatever he tries and his snatch technique and power is awesome. Not a fan of volume it was good to see Joe work just a little with all the sets :))

16 kg one arm swing warmup 3 x 5/5

16 kg x 5/5 z2
20 kg x 4/4
22 kg x 8/8 x 11 sets
176 reps
8800 lbs

not bad at all.

Two Hand CB Shield casts
15 x 10/10
25 x10/10
35 x 8/8 x 2 sets

lol the 35 lber threw me around a bit today but I got it under control at the end. this thing ain't light!

Pbar pushups( feet on box)
4 sets of 7 reps

Nice, full pushups, no problem. SHoulder was stable if not a bit noisy. No sublux though and that's the key.

strong day.


Thursday, November 08, 2012

Power swings

Was fighting off some kind of bug yesterday and wasn't sure how I would be today, but all the garlic, onions, vit c and adaptogens did their trick and woke up feeling solid and healthy today. Seven clients in a row and no training partner made getting into the gym a bit tricky but jumped right into my passive Russian warmup ( hot hot bath) when I got home and that made it much easier to get started.

The real Russian version is a sauna but the bath is great and really penetrates to the core. takes no time at all to warmup even in the coldest courage corner :)).

Power swings
24 kg x 5
28 kg x 5
32 kg x 5
36 kg x 5
40 kg x 5
44 kg x 5
48 kg x 5
          x 3 x 2 sets
40 kg x 5
32 kg x 5
51 reps

these felt great, the strongest ever, and the Beast moved more quickly and stronger and higher than ever. The 40 and the 32 kg felt SO light after the three set with the 48. strange how that always works that way. On the way up it feels like a ton.

Belt squats
32 kg x 15
36 kg x 12
40 kg x 10
48 kg x 10
         x 15

forgot to do these on tuesday so I made up for it. wore the knee sleeves and that gave a good cushion to the bottom position.

Snatch Holds
16 kg x 30 sec
20 kg x 30 sec
24 kg x 30

these were solid. it really isn't hard until after 30 sec

bodyblade laterals and band rear delts
2 sets of 10/10 and 20 each


Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Double time

Since it is a down week, and since Glenn is out of town and I'm training solo, and since I just realized StrongFirst Level 1 standards are back to double bells I decided to give some double kb swings a go, Just like the two handed swing,these have not been my friend for many years.

I could always demo them but I couldn't get away with training them. Now, since I can do two handed swings I figured I could do these as well and it looks like I'm right!

Now, since I'm just a little on the short side( some would call it "tactical" :)) Doing double bell work requires a very wide stance; one that I don't have particularly good leverages in. But if the bells aren't to big it's not a problem. Plus, it was cool just to be able to do the and not feel like it was going to hurt me.

Two KB swings
2 12s x 10
2 16s x 10
2 20s x 5 x 12 sets
60 reps

I was just starting to get warmed up and had thoughts of 15 or 20 set but didn't want to push it and  wake up wrecked tomorrow.Plenty of time to do these.The key thing here for me was really setting the torque in my foot, ala Starrett and what's been working so well on all my swings. REALLY getting rooted and STAYING rooted for each and every rep. I lose this root very easily as it's definitely not natural for me.Yet.

Bottoms up cleans
18 kg x5/5
20 kg x5/5
22 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 5/5 ( very solid holds)
28 kg x 3/3 ( better than before but not perfect)

this was surprise. felt great to be so solid in the holds.

Two Clubbell Swipes
15's  x 10
         x 12
         x 14
         x 16

havent done these in ages either and wanted a balanced to the very wide stance double swings. but didnt want to push this either. they felt light and easy

Pbar pushups( feet on box)
5 sets of 7 reps

these are very solid now.

Band rear delts( supersetted with pushups)
5 sets of 20-15 reps

bodyblade laterals
3 sets of 10/10

Very good overall workout today. Just different enough to make this easy down week enjoyable but different enough to be challenging.


Saturday, November 03, 2012

Stepping back to go forward.

I had decided to let this nice run up of load and intensity continue until I got a sign to do otherwise and this week was definitely the sign that the edge was here and it was time to step down a bit. Which I did, kind of, this week, although the 200 swings on Thursday was a pr but the attitude was different.
SO was my energy and I know it's time to back off a bit and start to rebuild again. But today was another pr day with the 20 kg snatch and it wasn't that hard.

Strange to feel so strong and a bit run down at the same time. Usually, when I'm run down the weight feels heavy in my hands and that's the best indicator to take it slowly. Today it still felt light, but  the drive just was less. I'll take this kind of fatigue anyday :)

Needed to stretch out this AM and I did about 35 minutes of Rifga and then things felt ready. It was COLD in the gym this morning and my knees were a bit achy from all those swings on Thursday so I put on my TK neopreme sleeves and they were SO COMFY. I can see they will be getting a lot of use this  winter.

One arm swing warmup:
16 kg x 5/5 x 3

16 kg x 5/5, 3/3
20 kg x 12/12 x 7 sets
168 reps
6742 lbs

not sure if this is a recent pr or not as I wrote down on the blog that I did 6 sets of 12/12 last time I did this but on the blackboard in the gym it says 7 x 12/12. that's probably right but there was no way I was doing another set! I was tired after 7 and it was a bit of an effort so we called it there. the sets themselves felt great and using the lighter weights and higher reps in really teaching me a lot about my snatches.

Blending the light, medium and heavy weights into a training cycle is really working out, plus it's fun. Since I can do the heavy one arm and two hand swings I'm less anxious to always use the 24 kg on snatch day.

It's actually making the 24 k day that much easier.

Two Hand CB Arm casts

15 lbs x 10/10 ( TOO Light,lol)
25 x 10/10
35 x 8/8 x 2

The one arm version was done,especially after thursdays 32 kg bottoms up work. Perfect time to go back to the double arm work. The 35er felt the lightest it has ever.

Pbar pushups
4 x 6
first two sets feet on block, last two on floor.

these felt great and I brought my head up more  , into line. the shoulder isn't adjusting but it still tends to rattle a bit after the 4th rep (?) Triceps were surprisingly sore after the snatch holds and kb ext on Thursday :)

Body blade laterals SS Rear delt
2 x 10/10 each

decided to add in rear delt band work again. Makes sense just forgot. With all the pushups my front delts are still getting a ton of work and need to balance it.


Thursday, November 01, 2012


We did two hand swings today,lots of them. 200 reps with the 32 kg to be exact.In sets of 10. We did 15 sets last time we used this weight and I thought about 17 sets just to sets a pr but Glenn is out of town next week and I figured we should just go for.

We also had more than a few good things to celebrate and I thought this PR was a good way to commemorate them.

First off I got me a new logo:
and I freaking LOVE IT. It's perfect. I've never liked my other logos, which is why I never had t shirts made, Especially considering how much I love training t shirts. The old logos were always too commercial and ,as Glenn pointed out, one dimensional. this aint that.

Next up was going LIVE! It's better than awesome and Mark Toomey has done an amazing job of getting this up and running and looking GREAT in record time.This is going to be great fun.

And I do love that my site was called KB Strength from the beginning. Strength has always been at the forefront of everything I've done and now it seems it's come full circle. Perfect.:))

Third was some excellent person health news for someone very close to me and it's great to be able to breathe again :))

SO time to kick our asses in the gym

6-7 am Full Rifga stretchout
a late cancel gave me the full hour to unkink myself

 Just about another full hour of Primal Move as I used this as the basis of a new clients workout and it went great. For her and me :))

2 pm
Two hand swings

16 kg x 10
20 kg x10
24 kg x 10
28 kg x 10
32 kg x 10 x 20 sets ! PR!

these were solid and the last set was almost as fast as the first.I'm so happy I can finally really train this move again. I never take it for granted.

Snatch Holds( in honor of the new logo )
16 kg x 30/30 sec

18 kg x 30/30
20 kg x 30/30

22 kg x 30/30

these were tough. I was tired but they are essential and cannot be left out or underdone.

KB floor extensions
3 x 10  I was tired :))

BB laterals

3 x 10/10


Long great day but I'm done.