Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Double time

Since it is a down week, and since Glenn is out of town and I'm training solo, and since I just realized StrongFirst Level 1 standards are back to double bells I decided to give some double kb swings a go, Just like the two handed swing,these have not been my friend for many years.

I could always demo them but I couldn't get away with training them. Now, since I can do two handed swings I figured I could do these as well and it looks like I'm right!

Now, since I'm just a little on the short side( some would call it "tactical" :)) Doing double bell work requires a very wide stance; one that I don't have particularly good leverages in. But if the bells aren't to big it's not a problem. Plus, it was cool just to be able to do the and not feel like it was going to hurt me.

Two KB swings
2 12s x 10
2 16s x 10
2 20s x 5 x 12 sets
60 reps

I was just starting to get warmed up and had thoughts of 15 or 20 set but didn't want to push it and  wake up wrecked tomorrow.Plenty of time to do these.The key thing here for me was really setting the torque in my foot, ala Starrett and what's been working so well on all my swings. REALLY getting rooted and STAYING rooted for each and every rep. I lose this root very easily as it's definitely not natural for me.Yet.

Bottoms up cleans
18 kg x5/5
20 kg x5/5
22 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 5/5 ( very solid holds)
28 kg x 3/3 ( better than before but not perfect)

this was surprise. felt great to be so solid in the holds.

Two Clubbell Swipes
15's  x 10
         x 12
         x 14
         x 16

havent done these in ages either and wanted a balanced to the very wide stance double swings. but didnt want to push this either. they felt light and easy

Pbar pushups( feet on box)
5 sets of 7 reps

these are very solid now.

Band rear delts( supersetted with pushups)
5 sets of 20-15 reps

bodyblade laterals
3 sets of 10/10

Very good overall workout today. Just different enough to make this easy down week enjoyable but different enough to be challenging.


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