Monday, February 29, 2016

105 Lb Mil Press, 40 kg belt squats, floor pushups/band pullups, crawls, side delts

Great workshop this weekend at FuelHouse gym in seattle. Great group and I love teaching KB 101 most of all. But it was a long weekend and talking and demo'ing for 8 hours by myself  got me a bit tuckered out when the alarm went off at 3:45 this morning

But it all went well Neck was tight from not enough bodymaintenance and more than normal kb work AND sitting in weird airplane seats but my presses and bodymaintenace today helped tons. Still not perfect though.

Mil press
stick x 5 x 2
65 x 5
75 x 3
85 x 3
105 x 5 x 5

very solid and strong and overhead ROM was very decent. surprising, given how tight my neck has been I expected less overhead but it wasn't bad

Belt squats ( standing on one inch plates
40 kg x 10 x 4

the plates were perfect, just that much extra stretch!

Floor pushups/band pullups
4 sets of 20
4 sets of 5

these were easy but I don't think this is the right movement for me. Tweaked right lat a bit trying to hollow more as I did the pullups. As much as I want to be able to do these easy I don't think this  is the right move for me,Now.  Just like it took ten years to get my two hand swing back but don't do it much I think the pullup is like that for me now.

Perhaps I've just done too much of them over time? who knows Bar presses are great though

Probably just sub out db curls. they seem to be working for me. Bar on sat and dbs on wed.

3 laps of 60 ft

stronger, finally

side delts
3 sets of 15 12 10 with 12 lbs

tired and hungry now

BW 160
BF 12.5
W ?

ok  need to catch up on BM and sleep

Saturday, February 27, 2016

36 kg One Arm Swings, hack squats, sandbag pushups,curls, rear delts

Was a little bit worried about doing this workout today as I fly to Seattle in a few hours to teach a KB 101 class tomorrow and didn't want to tweak anything, but rolled the dice.
So far so good and the workout was strong.
HATE missing Saturday workouts, bad enough I have to miss the ruck tomorrow but it's work :)

One arm Swings
16 kg x 5/5 x2
20 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 4/4
28 kg x 3/3
32 kg x 3/3
36 kg x 10/10 x 10
200 reps
15,800 lbs

this was without doubt the strongest I have ever been with this weight, not to mention the workload. Barely broke a sweat and power output was good.

55 x12
75 x 10
95 x 8
115 x 6 x 2

nice.need this close stance loading for the quads for sure. fundamentally different than medium stances

Sandbag pushups
30 lbs x 12 x 3

Bar curls
55 x 8 x 3

Rear delts
3 sets of 12 with 15 lbs

solid workout and all the parts still seem attached!


bw 162,2
bf 12.2
w 56.7

Now onto 8 hours of kb teaching and demos!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Light Ruck

Legs were feeling it today on this light short ruck. Yesterdays' 20 min set took a little out of me so it wasn't the fastest ruck today but it got done

40 lb ruck
6 laps
55 minutes
3rd lap = 8:10
6th lap= 7:58

Getting warm out already.close to 80 today. Not heat adapted yet, lol


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

20 min 24 kg speed swings,sandbag walkinglunges, parallel pushups, side delts

This is the fifth time I've done this 20 minute workout and while it never gets "easy" this one was just hard. Not in a 'bad' hard, just in a 'lot of work to do' hard.
The key point of this style of power training is that as the weights feel lighter and your conditioning gets better you are supposed to push harder, swing faster, accelerate the weight on the ascent and descent stronger

So it never ever changes, even as you get fitter ,lol
The key thing to see change in your mind strength. Today was good. Less inner chat and my mantra of "breathe, don't think, set up, go" worked pretty well

Didn't see the clock til 10 minutes in  and was just a wee but disheartened to think I had to repeat what I had just done
Shut up. Don't think.
Back to work

and then it was done. power output was good but not great and wind was too. didn't get into double breathing til after 15 minutes. Back got a little tight around 11-12 minutes but changed teshnik a bit and used my legs more and brought my head up a bit. It helped.

Recovery after was solid. My main focus was not max power but maintaining the best power I could for such a long duration. Definitely a success

Speed swings
24 kg
15:15 10 reps
40 sets
400 reps
21,200 lbs work

Sandbag lunges
4 laps of 20 steps with 30 lbs
rack walk right hand back

still getting stronger

Parallel pushups
4 sets of 20

80 rep workouts no big deal anymore

Side delts
3 sets of 15 with 15 lbs

ok ruck up tomorrow


Monday, February 22, 2016

95 lb Mil Press,32 kg belt squat, floor pushup/band pullup, crawls, rear delts

Fred Lowe

Solid day. No problem from the weekend and shoulders felt good. Was interested if the pullup insertion would work and it seems to have done so! Put it in superset with floor pushups and stuck with a light band and it seemed no problem
We'll see for sure tomorrow but should be good.

Mil Press
stick x 5 x 2
bar x 5
65 x 5 , 3
85 x 3
95 x 5 x 5

daresay easy. overhead position was solid and shoulder behaved on the rack takeoff

Belt squat
32 kg x 12, 14, 16, 16

really time to stand on a block for more depth. this is too easy now :)

Floor pushup SS Pullups with purple band
4 sets of 20  4 sets of 5

this worked great, just need to spend time here with some support and let the connective tissue adapt and then increase. I usually rush it towards bodweight too fast

three laps of 60 ft

these were strong for a change

rear delt
three sets of 15 with 15
strong too!

BW 163
BF 12
W 57.2

easy! it feels so good to feel good :)


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Heavy and fast Ruck. Lap PR

Well this was a nice surprise. legs felt heavy and stiff starting out but warmed up quickly. then we got to downright fast at the end. A very big surprise especially with the slightly heavier pack

47 lb ruck
12 laps
10 sets of isometric squats
7th lap = 8:00
11th lap 7:30 PR!! all time
1 hour 53 minutes

nice nice nice. tomorrow it's back to bar presses and pullups mixed in with the floor pushups


Saturday, February 20, 2016

32 kg One arm swings, 10 x 12/12, 32 kg goblet squats, 30 lb pushups, side delts

Decided not to test the 40 kg for five mintues for lots of reasons the main one being Denny Prokopos was coming over to train with me and I didn't wan't it to be a five minute workout.
So I stayed with the schedule and did ten sets of 12/12 with the 32 and it was strong!
Having a 3 X World Champion in the house made it just a little easier to go a little harder.
Plus, it was just him and I as all three of my partners were out of town.

Worked out fine

One Arm Swings
16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 5/5
28 kg x 5/5
32 kg x 12/12 x 10 sets
240 reps
16, 800 lbs

have to say this was one of the strongest workouts with this weight ever. Every single rep had maximum acceleration and power on it. And the pace was fast. One of Denny's students trained with us too so it was 1;2 ratio of work to rest and it felt fast; especially with 24 rep sets

Goblet squats
 24 kg x 5
28 kg x 3
32 kg  x 3 x 3

didn't want to subject him to bar hacks but this was a good change of pace. Too easy.

Parallel pushups
30 lbs x 12 x 4 sets

strong! and the fourth set was a bonus and extra hard.

Side delts
12 b x 20
15 lbs x 15
20 lbs x 8 x 2 sets

first time using the 20's. shoulders continue to get stronger and more stable.

ruck up tomorrow with 47 lbs back to normal soon ( 50 lbs)


Friday, February 19, 2016

Thursday Ruck

 Written on Friday. Just forgot yesterday. Just another day at the park . allergies are over, neck and shoulders are cool. all systems are go.
Tomorrow's start of the new cycle 32 kg  for 10 sets of 12/12
It's very cool that the 32 kg is my "light" day . that's sweet

40 lb Ruck
6 laps
57 minutes
last lap 8:04

solid pace legs felt heavy and tired after Wednesdays work. Still have more to comeback but it's on the right direction


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

24 kg speed swing, 15 min,sandbag lunges,parallel pushups, side delts

Not the best night's sleep as allergies kicked my ass these last three days. Enough though, to handle 15 min of speed swings. No big deal these days, which is a huge victory in itself

Shoulder seemed fine after the pullups until I mistakenly hopped on the gravitron ( with light weight) to demo a pullup and my left teres ( tight and sore from the night before) yelled at me for doing so. Had to unlock that but it's fine now. it's definitely the teres that locks up on both sides and pulls the shoulder down and forward out of position.
I have to check to see if I can do chin ups now too. I can hang that way now so perhaps. that would be a superior position for the teres.

Speed swings
24 kg
15:15 x 10 reps per
30 sets
300 reps
15,900 lbs!

not a bad 15 minutes worth of work if I say so myself. Tried to get the camera to record the last five minutes but I screwed it up and ended up just making the workout that much harder and still not having any useable footage!

Sandbag lunges
30 lbs x 5 laps of 20 steps with farmers carry back ( right hand only)

definitely on the right side of this exercise, finally

Parallel bar pushups
4 sets of 20
no problem

Side laterals
 3 sets of 15 with 15 lbs

I REALLY think this exercise has had a lot to do with my shoulder rehab. It has really strengthened the supraspinitus and that was key. Shoulder  much more stable since I started these and the lift is way stronger than it was. 8 lbs for reps killed me!

ok ruck up tomorrow


Monday, February 15, 2016

First day back at Pullups,Floor pushups, 48 kg belt squats,crawls,rear delts

Got back to pullups today and they went well; don't expect there to be trouble tomorrow, but not sure I want to turn this into the main theme of the workout. Time will tell

I could do presses first as usual and then superset pullups with pushups. that actually might be the best way. I kinda missed pressing today and that surprised me

All in all a very successful start
green band x 5 x 2
purple band x 5 x 2
black mini x 5
body weight x 3 !!
purple band x 5

33 total reps

If I do keep it as the centerpiece of the workout I'll keep total counts but 100 reps would be awesome here as well as pushups

Floor pushups
4 sets of 25

SO much easier if I don't press heavy first.

48 kg belt squat

strong. with the different bells I hit the floor at different depths. this is the tallest bell but it's cool because I work all different ROM's this way. Still not easy the last two sets, good quad burn

3 sets of 60 feet
strong too

Rear delts
3 sets of 15 with 15 lbs

easy peasy


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mission Accomplished 200 One Arm Swings with the Beast.

Pretty stinkin' proud of myself and my training partner Glenn today. We jumped ahead of schedule and went from a pr of 180 one arms with the 48 in 10 sets of 9/9 to 200 reps, the all time goal, in 10 sets of 10/10 no problem

Wasn't sure at all if skipping last Saturday's training would help me or hurt me and I knew I wouldn't know until hand touched bell.
Slept well, woke up well and stretched out easy. Took a hot  bath too, for the first time in forever( damn drought!) to pre warmup as well. Mind was solid but I was expecting 3 sets of 10 as baseline. 5 sets if all went well but did NOT expect to go all the way at all .
Wasn't even in the long range plan

But I just felt good. Damn good.

It's been a long road here, almost three years; starting in May of 2013 when I stopped snatching to see if that would help my aching shoulder and decided to re focus on the one arm swings and getting up to here, what we did today.
First Pr with the Beast one set of 5/5

First 100 rep total right before my TKR

50 reps with the Beast 8 weeks after TKR

Back to 100 rep total, 4 months after TKR

Nice chronology. at least to mean. It's taken a long time but I am nothing if not patient.At least in regards to training :)

Win lose or draw , next day it's back to the gym anyway. No hurry to anywhere,except to keep training.
One arm swings
16 kg x 5/5 x2
20 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 5/5
28 kg x 4/4
32 kg x 4/4
40 kg x 4/4
48 kg x 10/10 x 10
200 reps  PR !!
21,200 lbs

Rest of the workout
Hack squats
55 x 10
75 x 10
95 x 8

legs were surprisingly fatigued already

Horiz pushups sandbag

3 sets of 10 with 30 lbs

Side delts
3 sets of 12 with 15's


BW 162.4
BF 11.5
W 57.8 ( pre training bath always does this)

ok real ruck tomorrow


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Back to the ruck

After two missed ruck walks the pack felt a little heavy today, even at 40 lbs. No matter it will feel light again soon enough. That's the nice thing about a solid base, even if you loose a little it comes back fast.

Finally feeling back to normal energy as well. for some reason this last trip felt like one to europe and not just down the coast

40 lb ruck
6 laps
55 min
last lap = 8:10

not bad pace all things considered

Bw 162.6
bf 12.5
w 156.6

one day off then some beast work


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Speed swing, 24 kg 10 min, walking lunges ( bw),parallel pushups, rear delts

Good recovery from Monday but still some decent soreness, even from that small amount of volume

today was easy getting ready for Beast work on Sat.

Speed swings
24 kg
10 min
200 reps
10,600 lbs

solid good power on each rep and ten minutes feels like a warmup now! much easier to focus on power throughout.

Walking lunges
bw x 40 steps x 4

best this has felt ever. the sandbag is helping
finally it gets easier

Parallel pushups
3 sets of 20
1 sets of 15

solid but triceps death :)

db rear delt
3 sets of 12 with 15s

finally back to the 15 this felt strong too

ruck up tomorrow


bw 162.2
bf 12,8
w 56.6

Monday, February 08, 2016

Post SMK workout: Press pyramid, 40 kg belt squat, floor pushups,crawls side delts

GREAT weekend at the first ever SMK Level 1 Certification but that means the last four days were nonstop work, little food or sleep and lots of stress.

Was tired, sleepy and hungry when it came time to train but I knew I had to get back on the horse. not looking for pr's just a workout

neck behaved very well this weekend and things seems to be getting back to a new normal

I taught the snatch this weekend and both sides overhead seemed the best in eons~! very excited about it/

My student Denny Prokopos killing the swing test this weekend

Mil press
stick x 5 x 2
65 x 5
75 x 5
85 x 5
95 x 5
100 x 5
105 x 5

very strong and better overhead position

Belt squat
40 kg x 12 x 4

Floor pushup
 4 sets of 20

3 laps of 55 ft

side delts
 3 sets of 12 with 15's

decent. 10 min of speed swings on wed then Beast work on Saturday


Wednesday, February 03, 2016

24 kg Speed Swings, 15 min, Sandbag lunges,parallel pushups, rear delts

SMK Class 1

Hard today. Neck was good, 85%+ but I was worried how it would be after so my mind wasn't quite right for the set. And having the mind right for this type of training is everything. Because once you dive in theres' precious little time to change things

Still it wasn't that hard, my neck was fine and it was a pretty strong set. It's great now that 15 miutes is just another workday/

Speed swings
24 kg
15:15 10 reps per arm
15 min/30 sets
300 reps
15,900 lbs  ( these big ass numbers always make me smile, and feel better,that's 8 tons of work!

Sandbag lunges
30 lbs x 5 laps with right arm farmers walk back 20 steps per lap
these still are getting better

Parallel pushups
 4 sets of 20 reps
solid no prob

db rear delts
3 sets of 12 with 12

shoulder symmetry is best it's been in as long as I can remember and right side scapula is moving way better.

ok tomorrow it's wings up for the first ever SMK Level 1 Cert in San Diego.
Very happy my neck is not locked and up and at level 10 pain ,lol
So little fun to teach like that


Monday, February 01, 2016

85 lb Press,36 kg belt squats,floor pushups,crawls, side delt

Definitely a back off week. Neck pretty freaking tight still and I've got to be right for the cert this weekend. ibuprofen to the rescue it seems. I'm so out of the habit of taking meds that I didn't even consider it. makes a huge difference, just as it did with my back.

Barbell Press
stick x 5 x 2
bar x 5 x2
65 x 4
75 x 3
85 x 3 x 5 sets

this felt great. light but  my neck liked it

belt squats
36 kg x 12  x 4 sets

deep these have never been easier. depth great and ease of ROM is so nice

floor pushups
4 sets of 20


2 laps of 50
1 lap of 6

side delts

3 x 12 with 12's

neck still good

hopefully neck holds