Wednesday, February 17, 2016

24 kg speed swing, 15 min,sandbag lunges,parallel pushups, side delts

Not the best night's sleep as allergies kicked my ass these last three days. Enough though, to handle 15 min of speed swings. No big deal these days, which is a huge victory in itself

Shoulder seemed fine after the pullups until I mistakenly hopped on the gravitron ( with light weight) to demo a pullup and my left teres ( tight and sore from the night before) yelled at me for doing so. Had to unlock that but it's fine now. it's definitely the teres that locks up on both sides and pulls the shoulder down and forward out of position.
I have to check to see if I can do chin ups now too. I can hang that way now so perhaps. that would be a superior position for the teres.

Speed swings
24 kg
15:15 x 10 reps per
30 sets
300 reps
15,900 lbs!

not a bad 15 minutes worth of work if I say so myself. Tried to get the camera to record the last five minutes but I screwed it up and ended up just making the workout that much harder and still not having any useable footage!

Sandbag lunges
30 lbs x 5 laps of 20 steps with farmers carry back ( right hand only)

definitely on the right side of this exercise, finally

Parallel bar pushups
4 sets of 20
no problem

Side laterals
 3 sets of 15 with 15 lbs

I REALLY think this exercise has had a lot to do with my shoulder rehab. It has really strengthened the supraspinitus and that was key. Shoulder  much more stable since I started these and the lift is way stronger than it was. 8 lbs for reps killed me!

ok ruck up tomorrow


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