Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Power swings 32 kg and pulling the sled.

Finally getting over this bronchitis- It was very nice to wake up this morning not feeling sick. Energy was up from the start and just got better. It also warmed up quite a lot today and that helped tons. Didn't even need my pre workout bath to uncreak the joints. A balmy 51 in Stones gym this afternoon.

Recovered very well from Monday's workout and basically felt like I hadn't trained; in a good way. that is one of my main goals- to train really hard and not feel anything the next day :)
Getting closer all the time.

Really walking as much as possible these days, and since getting my knee to release so much better by manipulating the toes/foot extension is way better and walking way easier. I love it. The way to press more is to press more; the way to walk better is to walk more. And better. Who'd a thunk it?

I'll crawl later, now I need to walk

Power swings
20 kg x 8 x 2
24 kg x 5
32 kg x 5
         x 6
         x 7
         x8 x 3 rounds.
76 reps
5460 pounds

Wow,I can't remember when the two pood felt this light or moved this fast. Most excellent.Definitely felt it by the end though, although bell speed stayed high the entire time

Snatch Holds
 18 kg x 30 sec
22 kg x 30 sec x 3 sets

these are really coming along, position wise, which makes strength so much easier.

Sled Drags
 200 ft x 50 pounds ( too light) 
200 ft x 75 lbs x 3 trips (just right)

these went WAY better than expected. Walked upright, as we did when I train WSB style and Louie advocated their use almost daily as GPP and active recovery. Got a wicked pump in the glutes (!) hamstrings and calves. Perfect. This will be perfect and I think we'll alternate heavy days for 200 feet  and lighter days with 400 feet plus sets.

I also think I'll incorporate the rack walks INTO these and do rack carries on the heavy days as well. Very excited about being able to do these again.Feel good to feel strong.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Double 22 kg swings and KB front squats

These are really coming along and today I made a great little technique discovery that will make things even that much easier. I decided that instead of trying to keep the handle above the knees I would let it go as low as I wanted to find more space in the groove.My arms are seriously long and my back is very short so keeping them up tight makes for very little reach back and a resulting less powerful up swing.

By reaching down more it really let me feel a bigger ROM and the swing felt great. Height was no problem and the 22's felt like 16's or less. Most excellent. Another example of how my form is almost never "standard". But I can get it done as long as I listen to my body and the resulting outcome of strength and power

Double kb swings
2 16's x 5 x 2
2 20's x 5
2 22's x 5
          x 6
          x 7
          x 8 x 3 rounds
78 reps
7550 lbs

nice thing about double work is that the pounds add up fast! Using  four different weights is really letting me dial in my strength speed and endurance in a variety of ways, and each contributes to the other and builds the other.

Double KB Front squat
2 16's x 3,4
2 20's x 5

In my Quest to 'restore my lost physical functions' as JDC put it so well, I decided to restart kb front squats. Now that my shoulder is stable( it used to sublux when holding the bells in the rack position ) and my back is stable enough as well to tolerate the ab loading squats give, AND the belt squats have been working so well I thought I needed another day of leg work I would give them a whirl.

Since I can't do them to SFG standards with a close stance and rock bottom I decided I would do them in the way that I can, power squat style, with a wide stance, vertical shin and pushing hips back. Your basic hinge.

While I am embarrassed to put up this video with such shallow depth I wanted to record where I started back so here it is:

the key things: my shoulder stayed in place, my knee and back felt fine, and I could really feel my glutes working. All good. I will get better depth as I relearn how to do this. I haven't done a loaded squat in many years( belt squats recently aside)

I am very happy with this start.

Belt squats
40 kg x 20 x 3 sets
         x 30 x 1 !!! Burn in the quads! Burn in the squats. NICE! very close stance and a high tempo.Love these

Floor pushups
3 sets of 7 reps with pause on floor.

WOO HOO! Real pushups again with no destabilization at all! Killer! Ring dips are next.

datsit tired and cold

When I say kettlebell I mean strength. When I say strength I mean kettlebell. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

20kg Snatches, 7 sets of 13/13

Today was nice. Nice to be able to focus on doing the workload that was on the schedule and not on figuring out just how to survive the workout. Nice to be able to know that because the last time we did this workout ,three weeks ago, we did 6 sets of 13/13 and I knew I should be able to do just one more set.

This is how it's supposed to build on itself, and the work you did before should give you the confidence to push it just that much farther the next time. And the alternating schedule is working so well. Each week is different enough to apply a different lesson to the body but similar enough so that it can grow from the workout the last week.

Today was sets of 13/13, 7 sets or 182 reps, to be exact and I knew the toughest part would be just staying focused.

I am as square plumb and neutral as I've been in years. All the rifga and correctives I've been doing is paying off big time and it's great to go into the workout focused on just 'doing' the technique instead of experimenting with A technique, hoping that it's the ONE, and also  that I don't ding myself in the process.Sure we are still getting little stuff, but it's also getting worked out very quickly instead of lingering for weeks, or more.:)

Figuring out the specific keys, or triggers, that literally, unlock my body is the key. Also making sure I actually USE them, as well.Even my overhead position is getting better and I've decided that the best thing to make my walking gait better is, wait for it, more walking. Not crawling or any other exercise. Walking.

Of course figuring out that increasing knee extension was more important than trying to increase flexion and that opening up the toes and short foot was the key to more extension was fairly vital as well.:)

But for the workout today it didn't help  that I've had the worst bronchitis  in years for a week. I knew that would make high reps real fun. Oh well. so it goes.

This is an easy day because the weight is lowest( 20 kg) it's also easier because we go slower, with less acceleration and speed and more rest at the top. BUT, it's still 13 reps sets per side and I don't like reps :) But they are vital to teach me how to be more fluid, breathe better and not stress.

My tendency is to zone out and I have to be careful not to do that. Even though I want to be fluid I don't want to go on autopilot.A sure way to get hurt for me.Association, not disassociation is vital. Stay in the body, don't exteriorize, focus on the feedback each rep is giving you. 1 rep, 13 times in a row.

Embrace the suck.

16 kg x 5/5x 3 swings

16 kg x 5/5 
20 kg x 13/13 x 7
182 reps
8008 lbs

We did it well. Glenn too and this is another PR for him,which he's been hitting almost every week. It's so nice to see that what I told him would happen actually is; metabolic AND training momentum is speeding up and the gains in strength, endurance, power, body composition and mental strength are increasing every workout. Nice:)

I also brain farted and counted wrong so he did 14 on his right arm. Sorry dude. But you rocked it!

The hard part here was staying focused and being calm. Not easy when I just wanted to get it over with :)

Two hand Arm Cast
25 x 10/10

35 x 10/10
     x 10/8 ( bad grip)
     x 10/10

much tougher when I try to finish on the left arm.Got a weird grip and it was tearing up my hand. Last set was strong.

Straight bar pushup
bw x 10
25 lb chain x 5!
                 x 5
Bw x 9!

these were great but I had to reset the subscap in between sets as the shoulder was clunking a bit. Last set was stable.


bodyweight at just 156.4 lowest in a long time. Body fat is down so that's a good thing.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

40 Kg Two hand Swing

Long day at work and still fighting some bronchitis the last few days. Still feel fine just a bit less energy. Low food intake the last two days as well. Weight still the same at 157 lbs.

We're working off a full cycle with no more than one day's rest, first time in a long time and I'm very happy with my recovery. Very little soreness or stiffness, relatively, and  I haven't been getting near enough flexmobe work of late but not suffering much for it. Still get plenty throughout the day and even with clients but it's not the same as a dedicated session. Plan on fixing that though.

Two hand swings
16 kg x 10/x 2
20 kg x 10
24 kg x 10
28 kg x 8
32 kg x 8
40 kg x 10 x 12 sets
120 reps
10,560 lbs work  ( more than I expected)

was planning on ten sets but things felt good. better than expected as well, so we did an extra two. Not much volume by some of the big swingers out there but great for me and I try to accelerate each rep as much as I can and that makes a big difference in speed of fatigue.

Two kb deadlifts ( sumo)
2 16's x 5
2 20's x 5
2 24's x 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

just experimenting, wanting to add another leg day in and thought this might be good. Not sure.I default to my dl pattern and it's more hip and back than leg. Have to keep looking, perhaps 2 kb belt squats/

Snatch holds
16 kg x 40 sec
20 kg x 40 sec
24 kg x 40 sec
24 kg x 30 sec

these are getting much better, finally. The overhead position is moving in again, on both arms and my strength overhead is better too, although the 40 seconds with the 24 was tough,especially on the right arm.

Rack walks
18 kg x 200 ft x 4 sets

these were good should have done more . could definitely feel the difference in my arms and shoulders though. will weight cycle this as well, 16, 18 and 20 kg for now.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Double 20 kg Swing Ladders

I'm really getting into double bell swings these days. I've accepted having to stand so wide and it's actually so reminiscent of my power squat stance that I have warm fuzzy feelings about it now.It wasn't, and still isn't, a great power position for me but it really works my hips and glutes that always need work and it doesn't bother my knee.

It was hard to find a groove but I think it's getting there. Very challenging to be able to apply enough force to get them to parallel with the deck but it's getting stronger.

Plus it's a kick to be able to do them after all these years.

Two bell swings

2 14's x 8 x 3 sets
2 16's x 5
2 20's x 7,8,9 x 3 ladders
72 reps
6336 lbs

was going to do some one arm swings after but I tweaked my right forearm abit ( somehow) on the gama casts on saturday ( just a too tight wrist flexor) and decided to keep the volume down.

Belt squats
40 kg x 20,20,20, 25

moved the stance in even close and these are really feeling solid,hence the 25 rep set at the end.Finally feeling like I have some quad strength and a bit of size back and it feels awesome.

Pushups to straight bar
2 sets of 10  easy peezy! no clunking
Pushups to parallel bars
2 sets of 6 !

Nice! The parallel grip involved 20 degrees more ROM. I thought going lower could be worse but it was fine. MUCH harder, way more stretch on the delts and pecs and I can't rest/pause on the bar but it worked and no clunking either.

Bodyblade laterals

3 x 10/10


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Work capacity and functional fitness.

The line that dragged me into the RKC and Pavel was in his original Russian Kettlebell Challenge book where he spoke about the levels of fitness necessary for a good solider, as described by a General. They needed " a back of iron and legs that never quit."

At the time I was totally jacked up and getting out of a chair took way more effort, and caused way more pain than I ever thought possible. But I knew exactly what the General was referring to cause I had had it before and I wanted it back.

Or, at least as much of it as I could.

In his original article that introduced kettlebells to America in Milo, Pavel wrote about all the amazing qualities so many had received as a result of high rep kettlebell training in the Soviet Union. All kinds of carry over to work and sport and daily life from the practice of Girevoy Sport.

Then I was introduced to the Hardstyle method of kb training in the RKC and the modern variations Pavel had come up with that, while still emphasizing volume in training, broke things up into shorter sets and reps of higher intensity ( Hardstyle). Much more my style given my gymnastics, bodybuilding and powerlifting roots.

But I knew, instinctively, that the results should be the same, or better , than training with the much lower intensity higher rep efforts than was needed for GS work.
 Work capacities should still  increase greatly, and, to me, that is my number one goal. The higher my real time work capacity is, the easier my entire day of ADL (activities of daily living) are and more energy I have for everything. Plus to maintain or even gain back as much high end strength as possible.

Plus I wanted the carryover to daily life where I could work and walk and move as much as required and not be tired. Legs that never quit. I knew what that felt like when I was an endurance athlete and could literally run as long as I wanted to. Or bike. Or swim,

Now with my knee that is not going to happen but I can walk more and move more, and have greater energy as this work capacity continues to increase.

And finally, having gotten a little bit further past all these asymmetries and misalignments that have been causing so much problems I can really see where this is going.
More better :))

 We were on the tap for 14 sets of 6/6 in the snatch workout today but I decided to up it to 7's as it just didn't feel like that would be any harder than 6's and it wasn't. Alternating the light, medium and heavy bells for varying reps is really working. Using the light bells and reps teaches me better speed and acceleration and it is seemingly carrying over to the heavier bells as well.

I knew this would be so but i just haven't been able to really train for real until lately. It's great and I'm so happy. But I won't be greedy. I  have learned my lesson about that.

7am Rifga stretchout 30 min( this is right now for saturdays I do the big stretch work during the weekdays and a little bit here, combined with just general moving around more gets me ready.) Plus all that adrenaline :)

8 am
16 kg x 5/5 x 3 swing warmups
16 kg x 5/5 x 2 snatches
20 kg x 5/5

24 kg x 7/7 x 12 sets
168 snatches
8904 lbs

very good but certainly not easy. it was 35 degrees again in there and it took me a long time to find my legs( 6 sets!) once I did things got easier til I got more tired )) Could definitely feel the effect of only one day rest. Next week back to Monday and Wednesday.

Gama Cast
25 x 20 x 2
35 x 10 x 3

these were tough as my shoulders and arms were cooked. Held form though, it just wasn't light.

Bar pushups
3x10  all paused!

 No clunking at all! Nice to be back to 10's again.feet on box no problem. Chains next! Awesome workout.

Bodyblade laterals SS with band side raises
2 x 10/10 each
Shoulder totally stable


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Power swings Running the rack

Switched training days this week as their was a conflict in schedules. We had an extra day of rest but will lose one prior to Saturday's 24 kg snatches. No worries, we've done this plenty before and we only have to do 14 sets of 6/6 anyway.:)) I remember very well when that was a pr workout for me and now it's just step one of the ramp up.

Strong feels so good.

So I didn't want to do a lot of volume so I decided on power swings instead of ballistics. Decided as well that we should run the rack a bodybuilding technique I really love with swings.The reps stay the same for each set but you go up and down the rack of kb.s doing the reps with each weight. Seems easy but it's very interesting on a lot of levels. the difference in how each weight feels on the way down the rack versus on the way up is amazing.

Power swings
20 kg x 5 x 2
24 kg x 5
28 kg x 5
32 kg x 5
36 kg x 5
40 kg x 5
44 kg x 5
48 kg x 5 x 2
44 kg x 5
40 kg x 5
36 kg x 5
32 kg x 6
28 kg x 8
24 kg x 10

only 89 swings but man they were  intense. The 24 kg at the end felt like it was made of paper :))

Snatch holds
16 kg x 35 sec
20 kg x 35 sec
24 kg x 35 sec x 2 sets

these felt the best they have in forever. Finally getting my overhead position stable again. about freakin time, it's taken forever.Felt very strong today and that always helps.

Bodyweight = 157 on the dot. About perfect weight for me 71 kg.

Rack walks
16 kg x 200 ft sets x 4 sets
         x 400 ft x 1 set

these went great. everything was on today. knee felt decent all day too, as well as my back. so nice when that happens


Monday, January 14, 2013

36 kg one arm swings and double 24 swings

Decided to switch back to one arm swings instead of high pulls because they are harder for me. They require much more prolonged hip drive and hold whereas the high pulls let me use my strong upper body to "finish" the move. And the balance( stabilization requirements) are higher with the one arms, especially with my monkey arms.

The more I work with people the more I realize just how tough heavy one arms are for people and I'm decent at them. I want to make myself more than decent. The 40 kg is calling me but the Ultimate would be sets and reps with Beast. One day perhaps.

Right now I wanted the 36 kg and I felt good despite a long and cold day.As always I went by feel as to what jumps I made but  that was the number in my mind if things were good.

One arm swings
16 kg x 5/5/ x 3
20 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 5/5
28 kg x 5/5
32 kg x 5/5 ( all systems are go!)
36 kg x 5/5 x 3 ! 

These felt the best ever with good bell speed and height. My left shoulder still has to fight to stay down but after the first rep I got back on track>Started all sets with the right arm as it was stronger and I didn't want to take any chance of tweaking on the left start.

Double KB swings

Feeling strong today and wanted to play with the double 24's as well. Determined to be able to do these to arms parallel with the floor for 10 easy. Definitely getting there. Considering how few times I've ever even used double bells, of any weight, I'm happy with my progress.

2 16 x 5
2 20 x 5
2 24 x 5, 7, 10

Band Pullups
Purple band x 5 x 3 sets

these were easy. as they were before but not sure if it's the right move. I just don't think I need any direct lat/hollow body work. it makes me nervous for my back. I plan on really stretching out overhead later tonight and we'll see tomorrow but I think this move has jumped the shark for me,

Bodyblade laterals
3 x 10/10


Saturday, January 12, 2013

22 kg Snatch day

This cycling process is working out very well. We did the first day of the new rep scheme- 9/9- with the 22 kg and it was pretty easy. Cardio was fine, hands fine, technique fine. We ended up doing 162 reps in 9 sets and it was not a problem. Just as I had hoped.

The goals:
24 kg : 10 sets of 10/10
22 kg : 7 sets of 15/15
20 kg : 5 sets of 20/20

Each wave will be three weeks long. culminating in  a workload of 200 reps( or so). Then recycle with a one rep per set higher rep count until the goals are reached. Once that happens I will re think the next phase but if I can do those numbers on a regular basis I will be very happy camper.

Plus it was FREAKING FREEZING in my garage this morning. 32 degrees on the nose! Wore more layers to warm up and it was fine after 5 minutes.

16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 3/3
22 kg x 9/9 x 9 sets
162 reps
7938 lbs ( getting up there!)

Gama Casts
25 lbs x 20 x 2
35 lbs x 10 ( too heavy today :)
25 lbs x 20 

loving this move.My shoulders and upper back were too tired for the 35.

Pushups on straight bar, feet on bar

6 ( with mini band across back - too much)

yes! NO CLUNKING at all. A key seems to be going ALL the way down, pausing and then flexing back up. This feels EXACTLY like my barbell bench technique. The bands gave too much tension at the top and none at the bottom. Just playing around. Don't be greedy.


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Speed Swing day

One of the biggest lessons I learned from training WSB method for so many years and being able to speak with the Master himself, Louie Simmons, about the system almost every week for 2.5 years was the importance of speed training.

It was never light bench day, it was bench speed work. Same with squat day. Never "light" squat day but speed squat day.The quality being trained was starting strength and the idea was to use a 60-70% weight and move it as quickly as possible( using perfect form, of course) Chains, or bands were added to the bar to accommodate leverage and this made it possible to push as fast as possible as long as possible

The cool thing was that when it was heavy day ( AKA Max Effort) we didn't try to lift the heavy weights slowly but move them as fast as we did on speed day. That was the idea. Teach the body to NOT hold back with sub max weights so it wouldn't on  max weight day. And it worked.Very well.

This has been working well with my snatch training, using a light, medium and heavy day cycle, varying the rep scheme with the weight and always trying to move the weight as forcefully as possible.

I decided to apply the same thing to my two other training days and today was 2 kb  high pull day. Last week we used the 24 kg so I went to the 16 kg to work speed and acceleration. And form.
The other nice thing about lighter weights is that they really let you practice perfect form.

2 KB high pull
2 12 kg x 10 x 2( just testing out wonky knee)

2 16 kg x 10 x 15 sets
150 reps
10,500 lbs

nice also is that this volume adds up so quickly! It was Glenn and me and went I go you go so the pace was fast. The nice thing here also was that the weights and groove actually FELT light, so I could actually move fast, too.

I prefer the high pull version to the straight arm swing as well as it makes it such a more full body exercise with the use of the upper back .Better prelude to cleans and double snatches as well.

Next week will go 20 kg and then 24 kg the week after. I'll figure out comensurate reps/set for each work weight as we get some experience with each weight.

Mondays will now be devoted to the two hand swing, both ballistic and power version. I will do power versions of this day as well

Snatch holds
16 kg x 45 sec
20 kg x 45 sec
22 kg x 35 sec
24 kg x 30 sec

added another set here. I still can't get into the position I want, even with my left arm. ack.Keep trying ;sisu.

Rack walks
16 kg x 200 ft sets x 5 
1000 feet

needed to put these back in. More translatable than crawling, which my left knee and hamstring have not liked at all.haven't done this in many months and it was way easier than we remembered. For Glenn too. that's a good sign.


Monday, January 07, 2013

Back to pressing

It's been quite awhile since I've pressed kbs. July in fact as my left shoulder would just not stabilize and I got tired of trying. But in the meantime I've seemingly rehabbed the shoulder and re discovered my pushing groove via pushups so I decided to try my hand at kb presses again.

It was a good session although I have no idea if it will continue.No clunking at all ,either in the single bells or with the doubles but we'll see.

One arm swing warmup 16 kg x 5/5 x 3

Long cycle clean and press
16 kg x 5/5 x2
20 kg x 3/3 x 2
24 kg x 3/3 x 5 sets

These felt fine but so strange after all this time.I'd love to feel the confidence I once had in this movement again. I would appreciate it so much more this time :))

Double bell press
2 16 kg x 5 x 5 sets

Just wanted to play with this and see if I could even do it! Not that bad,actually. better than expected. Kept my eye gaze down a bit and that seemed to help

that overhead position for me will never be perfect but it's slowly getting better( VERY slowly,lol) But the more overhead stick stretching I do the better.

Belt squats
48 kg x 20 x 4 sets

this was tough. I did some longer distance crawling this morning and my leg didn't like it. It loved it when I was crawling; I was strong, fast and had some decent endurance. But since the leg doesn't full extend or flex working in the flexed position for any length of time seems to really lock it up and that was settling in really well just about now.

Didn't know if the squat would help or hurt but my legs were seriously tired and not bending well at the start

Floor Triceps extension ( paused)
18 kg x 8 x 3 sets

Bodyblade laterals
3 x 10/10



Saturday, January 05, 2013

20 kg snatch day/ 13/13 x 6 sets

This system of rotating the weights on the snatch each week,cycling up to two hundred total reps and then re cycling with higher reps/set seems to be working.

It's the same each week, but very different indeed. The heavy days support the light days which support the medium days. The low reps build the high reps and the medium ones as well. Very interesting. So nice now that I am fit enough to be able to plan for these things finally.

Since we hit 200 reps with the 20kg 3 weeks ago it was time to cycle down for total volume but up the reps per arm from 12 to 13. Not my favorite thing but it wasn't that bad. Nice to see form, strength and recovery are all working in the right direction :))

7 am 30 minutes mobilization and flexibility work. things felt very good actually. The two days of rest after Wednesdays' heavy work is paying off.

16 kg x 5/5 x 3 sets swing warmup
16 kg x 5/5x2
20 kg x 13/13 x 6 sets
156 reps
6864 pounds

these went very well, not a problem at all.

Gama Casts
15 x 20
25 lbs x 16
35 lbs x 10 x 2
25 lbs  x 20

got interested in these when a reader commenting on my arm cast as whether I had tried these. I hadn't and looked them up so I could do them right. I really really like them! I think they are my new favorite  CB move!

Here's Alberto Gallazi CST Master showing how they're done to perfection. I don't know how heavy the club is but it's probably the 80 lber!

Pushups( on p bars , horizontal)
feet on floor x 8 x 2  NO CLUNKING at all! Perfect! 
feet on box x 5 x 2 NO CLUNKING either! SWEEEET!

I am taking the chest all the way to the bar, then pausing and I think that helps create more stabilization. My left shoulder/tricep was getting a little crampy, I think from the increased ROM but the shoulder was perfectly stable for all the sets!  awesome


Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Double 24 kg swings and Power swings

What a difference being warm before the workout makes. Got my bath in before the training and it works,like it always does, like a charm. It was cold in the meatlocker but not freezing and I was warm right from the start. made things much nicer.

Got a good stretchout this am and that too, made all the difference.

Two KB swings
2 14's x 8 x 2
2 16's x 8 x 2
2 20's x 5 x 2

2 24's x 5
          x 6
          x 7
          x 8
          x 9
          x 10

  the groove isn't perfect by any means but it is getting better every time and this is the most reps I have done with the 24's

Power swings
24  x 5
28 x 5
32 x 5
40 x 5 x 2

these too were strong and the 40 kg felt like the  32 used to :))

Snatch Holds
16 x 30
20 x 30
24 x 30
20 x 45

these, for some reason are not getting that much easier ,lol.I used to have a good side and a hard side. now it's two hard sides :(( but at least I'm even :)

Goblet squats
 16 kg x 3 x 2
20 kg x 3 x 2

amazing I can do these half decently now for the first time ever.  BUT they still are way more of a bicep exercise than a  leg move .Perhaps back to kb front squats :))


Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Back in the day. Close miss at a 462 bench press in competition

This was just about at my peak. It was a bench only meet in Sacramento. I was in the 181 lb class. I took my 3 attempts and ended up with a Masters California BP  record of 435. I was really "on" that day ( I believe this was in 2001- I was 43) and made the 3rd attempt life. I wanted more so I called for 451. You can take 4th attempts for records.

I tried it and missed, oh well. it didn't seem that heavy but it just didn't "go". Then they found out it was misloaded to 462! This is the lift above. I think they let me go down and try the 451  again but I missed that after the effort with 462 and 3 other lifts but it gave me great hope! FIVE attempts in one meet with THREE PR attempts!

Thanks to Mike Knight, a judge at the meet for finding and sending me this footage!