Saturday, January 26, 2013

20kg Snatches, 7 sets of 13/13

Today was nice. Nice to be able to focus on doing the workload that was on the schedule and not on figuring out just how to survive the workout. Nice to be able to know that because the last time we did this workout ,three weeks ago, we did 6 sets of 13/13 and I knew I should be able to do just one more set.

This is how it's supposed to build on itself, and the work you did before should give you the confidence to push it just that much farther the next time. And the alternating schedule is working so well. Each week is different enough to apply a different lesson to the body but similar enough so that it can grow from the workout the last week.

Today was sets of 13/13, 7 sets or 182 reps, to be exact and I knew the toughest part would be just staying focused.

I am as square plumb and neutral as I've been in years. All the rifga and correctives I've been doing is paying off big time and it's great to go into the workout focused on just 'doing' the technique instead of experimenting with A technique, hoping that it's the ONE, and also  that I don't ding myself in the process.Sure we are still getting little stuff, but it's also getting worked out very quickly instead of lingering for weeks, or more.:)

Figuring out the specific keys, or triggers, that literally, unlock my body is the key. Also making sure I actually USE them, as well.Even my overhead position is getting better and I've decided that the best thing to make my walking gait better is, wait for it, more walking. Not crawling or any other exercise. Walking.

Of course figuring out that increasing knee extension was more important than trying to increase flexion and that opening up the toes and short foot was the key to more extension was fairly vital as well.:)

But for the workout today it didn't help  that I've had the worst bronchitis  in years for a week. I knew that would make high reps real fun. Oh well. so it goes.

This is an easy day because the weight is lowest( 20 kg) it's also easier because we go slower, with less acceleration and speed and more rest at the top. BUT, it's still 13 reps sets per side and I don't like reps :) But they are vital to teach me how to be more fluid, breathe better and not stress.

My tendency is to zone out and I have to be careful not to do that. Even though I want to be fluid I don't want to go on autopilot.A sure way to get hurt for me.Association, not disassociation is vital. Stay in the body, don't exteriorize, focus on the feedback each rep is giving you. 1 rep, 13 times in a row.

Embrace the suck.

16 kg x 5/5x 3 swings

16 kg x 5/5 
20 kg x 13/13 x 7
182 reps
8008 lbs

We did it well. Glenn too and this is another PR for him,which he's been hitting almost every week. It's so nice to see that what I told him would happen actually is; metabolic AND training momentum is speeding up and the gains in strength, endurance, power, body composition and mental strength are increasing every workout. Nice:)

I also brain farted and counted wrong so he did 14 on his right arm. Sorry dude. But you rocked it!

The hard part here was staying focused and being calm. Not easy when I just wanted to get it over with :)

Two hand Arm Cast
25 x 10/10

35 x 10/10
     x 10/8 ( bad grip)
     x 10/10

much tougher when I try to finish on the left arm.Got a weird grip and it was tearing up my hand. Last set was strong.

Straight bar pushup
bw x 10
25 lb chain x 5!
                 x 5
Bw x 9!

these were great but I had to reset the subscap in between sets as the shoulder was clunking a bit. Last set was stable.


bodyweight at just 156.4 lowest in a long time. Body fat is down so that's a good thing.


Joe Sarti said...

"This is how it's supposed to build on itself, and the work you did before should give you the confidence to push it just that much farther the next time"

Beautiful!!! Love this post in general, such a great and wise perspective across the board

Have you tried marching A in place or moving?

Mark Reifkind said...

joe, yes I have done both and like them but it seems regular walking is best. that's the skill and mechanics I need the most.