Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Back in the day. Close miss at a 462 bench press in competition

This was just about at my peak. It was a bench only meet in Sacramento. I was in the 181 lb class. I took my 3 attempts and ended up with a Masters California BP  record of 435. I was really "on" that day ( I believe this was in 2001- I was 43) and made the 3rd attempt life. I wanted more so I called for 451. You can take 4th attempts for records.

I tried it and missed, oh well. it didn't seem that heavy but it just didn't "go". Then they found out it was misloaded to 462! This is the lift above. I think they let me go down and try the 451  again but I missed that after the effort with 462 and 3 other lifts but it gave me great hope! FIVE attempts in one meet with THREE PR attempts!

Thanks to Mike Knight, a judge at the meet for finding and sending me this footage!

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