Thursday, November 08, 2012

Power swings

Was fighting off some kind of bug yesterday and wasn't sure how I would be today, but all the garlic, onions, vit c and adaptogens did their trick and woke up feeling solid and healthy today. Seven clients in a row and no training partner made getting into the gym a bit tricky but jumped right into my passive Russian warmup ( hot hot bath) when I got home and that made it much easier to get started.

The real Russian version is a sauna but the bath is great and really penetrates to the core. takes no time at all to warmup even in the coldest courage corner :)).

Power swings
24 kg x 5
28 kg x 5
32 kg x 5
36 kg x 5
40 kg x 5
44 kg x 5
48 kg x 5
          x 3 x 2 sets
40 kg x 5
32 kg x 5
51 reps

these felt great, the strongest ever, and the Beast moved more quickly and stronger and higher than ever. The 40 and the 32 kg felt SO light after the three set with the 48. strange how that always works that way. On the way up it feels like a ton.

Belt squats
32 kg x 15
36 kg x 12
40 kg x 10
48 kg x 10
         x 15

forgot to do these on tuesday so I made up for it. wore the knee sleeves and that gave a good cushion to the bottom position.

Snatch Holds
16 kg x 30 sec
20 kg x 30 sec
24 kg x 30

these were solid. it really isn't hard until after 30 sec

bodyblade laterals and band rear delts
2 sets of 10/10 and 20 each



Sascha Pfeifer said...

Hi Rif,

garlic and onions are great to fight back against the bug! I chooce this in the past often too .
My best weapon to protect is the daily nose shower :-)

Take care.

Mark Reifkind said...

yes indeed, I try to have them daily but what is a nose shower?

Sascha Pfeifer said...

In Germany we call this application -Nasensp├╝lung- "nasal irrigation".
This is a nasal rinsing with water. The water is mixed with a little sea salt. This nasal irrigation are from India and practicing by many yogis. It is a very good cleaning of the upper respiratory tract. I count on them for years. It definitely helps. but only if used regularly.
At the beginning it is really very strange feeling in the nose;-)

Try it ...
Take care.

Sascha Pfeifer said...

This Vid is a good demonstration:

Mark Reifkind said...

ah yes, now I know what you are talking about. we call it a "neti pot" here, nasal irrigation and I have used it before.

PLus I grew up in Miami Beach in the ocean and had plenty of salt water go through my nose,lol.

Sascha Pfeifer said...

" PLus I grew up in Miami Beach in the ocean and had plenty of salt water go through my nose,lol. "

Lucky man ;-)
Take care.