Monday, December 17, 2007


LOL, there is a definite difference between doing heavy, high volume swings on Saturday morning, the first thing of my day, and doing them after being up since 3 am and working my full client load. No worries, it will just take a little adaptation.Of course today was 32 kg day and my 400 rep PR was in no danger at all.70% sounded like a good number and even it was a optimistic goal. Since I know now to step back rather than falling off after a peak this didnt smart so much.

5 am Z drill and floor rifga: 20 min
pre workout warmup
clubbell swings, pendulums, arm casts. with 10's

1 pm
One arm swings

32kgx10/10x12 sets
240 reps
17,280 lbs

not a bad workload.have to be careful here though, after stretching people, loading weights and carrying bells all morning I have to take the time to open up the forearms before heavy swing loading.tight forearms always end up in my biceps and shoulders so I have to go slowly with this new schedule.

One arm swipes
10lbs x10/10
15lbsx10/10x 5 sets

these were solid, Cant wait to get the 25s

Circular casts
15lbs x15/15x 4 sets

datsit. a short one today, rack walks will have to wait for another time.


Aaron Friday said...

Nice "backoff" day, dude. When I get to 6 sets of 10/10, I'll be sure to note that it's only one-half of what you did on a backoff day.

Swinging the 32 seriously kills me after a few sets, and it's good to know that other, similarly sized guys are beating my ass easily. I've got room to grow.

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks man, your comment made my day.

Howie Brewer said...

Thanks again for the tapering help Rif. Funny how you mention your forearms today as I was just pondering on my latest posting why I continue to have pain in my right bicep. Maybe its originating in the forearm...

Mark Reifkind said...

howie, check out your wrist extension as well as the tightness in the forearms flexors. when that loads up on me the biceps are always next. the z wrist and elbow drills as well as static stretching and thumper open things right up.