Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Max Vo2; building back up

Back to 36 sets now for the speed snatches and I was looking forward to ONLY 36 sets.Monday kicked my ass a bit but I was also thinking of starting with sets of 8 and seeing how many I could get before dropping back to 7 reps.
BUT I am a very slowly warmer-upper and I usually dont do much warmup for max vo2 as it is so light and there are so many reps to do.I need at least ten sets( 5 each arm) it seems, as a minimum before I can hit 8 reps per 15 sec cycle.So I starte with 7's and did half the work before going to 8's.I need to work backwards from the top work set til I get to 10 sets as the starting point.
Snatch 15:15
16kgx7 repsx18 sets=126 reps
x8 repsx18 sets=144 reps
total= 270
its the lockout that I have to skimp on most if I want to go faster so I have to make sure to 'hit' the position but not hold it.felt good today.Max hr at end of work=180 -185

Clubbell Hammer swings
10lbsx20 each directions x2 sets
15lbx20each directionx 3 sets
10lbs x20 each directionx 1 set

Wow!This was the first time I tried this movement and I love it. What a total body movement. Like a hammer thrower winding up for a throw. I never would have thought,with how my back and my shoulder were, that I could ever do a move like this.This is great. After further reflection though, I think I only need to do this move clockwise and not both ways.
Counter clockwise rotations feed into my myofascial windings from all the wrong direction twisting I did as a gymnast.Clockwise will be good . this is another 100 rep plus move.
I just have a feeling for these clubbell moves;I just feel like I know how to do them. Can find the groove pretty quickly.

15lb CB x12/12x 5 sets

its crazy but my arms chest and shoulders are growing from all this concentrated upper body work.

Shield casts

this was overkill,lol

rack walks with 16 kg
900 feet hand switch ever 200 feet.finally got these in. knee felt great.

BF 8.7%
Water 60.5%



Adam said...

Your work is always improving! This last month has been a ton of CB exercises, i am not suprised at all you are getting bigger from it. Since you posted that video for me, i have used the mill daily, and it is a perfect compliment to the snatch/bent press combos i use for my warm ups.
Is there a video of this hammer swing?

BTW, your last article is your best IMO, everyone always hears of "that guy" who was able to fix a broke body part, but no one can ever say how or when it was fixed. Thanks Rif!

Franz Snideman said...


Do you think there is merit in trying to snatch a heavier bell for speed. So for example, let's say I want to snatch the 32kg for sets of 5; obviously the 32kg is not going to move as fast as the 16kg, but if the intention is to try and move the 32kg as fast as possible, will that be as beneficial for speed as using the 16kg?

What do you think?

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks man,and thanks for noticing that things are improving as this is what I strive for in my training.I have never been the most talented guy around but I try to make up for that with sheer hard work and always trying to improve something, in some small way.
I'll put the hammer swing video up. I've never seen this vid before and I am doing it a bit differently I see. I go more behind the head, like a cirucular head cast combined with an inside swing.
I also like the mills and am slowly getting better at it.
glad you liked the article, and I'm glad I chronicled the progression.
and the shoulder really is coming along although I dont think I'm ever need to do much pressing again.same with squats.

Mark Reifkind said...


The faster you swing or snatch a bell the more force is produced. force is can increase it by increasing mass or by increasing acceleration.
as far as its benefit for speed do you mean increasing rate of force production or power?
If you want more power than somewhere between 30-50% of max is supposed to have the highest force production curve.but if you want to increase the rate of force production then according to zatsiorsky you have to move as fast as possible again high loads."maximum voluntary effort".
though the load may not actually move that fast " the muscle action velocity( RFD) must be extreme"
for barbell training the load would be 90% for 3x3 so with a kb it would have to represent a pretty significant % of a max.
but heavy is heavy and if one tries to move it faster you will increase RFD, I would assume.
I look at max vo2 day as a power day as I can move the bell and my body as fast as possbile for short burts and a high number of repeats( trying to keep speed/power,up). so some wind increase as well as speed work.
My second snatch day is heavier and I try to move it as fast as possible each rep as well for RFD.Its really not heavy enough for that but I dont want to risk injury.
For RFD training you need longer rest periods too because you have to be fresh to use the correct % load.
I'd like to hear what KJ has to say about this as well.