Friday, October 21, 2005

200 snatches

Its been almost 6 weeks since my bicep injury and today I did 200 snatches as the second snatch workout of the week. These were very light but so happy I can do this again. Firdays are always a tough workout day as its my longest work day, starting the earliest, I train solo and its the end of the week.

Snatches are perfect for this because even if I do nothing more I worked everything from head to toe; legs, hips, back,abs, shoulders ,heart and lungs.As well as agility, flexibility and stability.

36x10+10x10 200 reps in about 22 minutes.

these felt great although I havent done this many reps with any weight.

bottoms up cleans
53x5+5x2 sets. left arm was tired from the snatches. I love these.

farmers walk

2-44's x2 laps, six times. 30 seconds rest/sets. these are really helping everything and actually getting better. Much help with my gait mechanics. Using 2 kbs now is helpful in obtaining more symmetry in the walk rather than the alternating single bell.


5 ten second handstands. these are great for stretching out my shoulders.

As per Pavels great blog entry this week I will strive to do fewer things better. This harkens back to my bodybuilding and powerlifting days when I would spend entire workouts on just one or two exercises( usually squats ) exploring numerous variations of loading patterns. Perfect the movement and good things will happen.


Split work is the perfect thing for releasing my hammy and opening up my left knee. So I will get my side splits back. Ten minutes.
Total workout : 65 minutes.

bw 159.6 ( first time under 160!)
bf 10.6% ( this always temporarily goes up when my weight goes down)

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