Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Leaner. Stronger. Better.

This was to be Girya Kettlebell Training's new tag line for the web site. But something didn't feel right. I really liked the individual concepts and it was the focus of my training and my teaching, so what was wrong?

I was discussing it with Jonathan, my training partner, and he kept insisting it was a good tag line and defined what we were about very succinctly. Then it hit me; it wasn't just a tag line but our motto; the gist of what we ( and I ) are about. Everything we do and everythign we teach goes right to these three concepts.

Of all the hundreds of people I trained, coached and spoken to about their fitness and training goals not one of them said they wanted to be fatter. Usually it is their primary goal; to get leaner, harder, more defined. To LOOK like they train and are fit.Everyone wants to be leaner, even the most grisled superheavyweight powerlifter.

ANd stronger. to be able to run faster, lift more weight, do more reps ,have more discipline. It all comes down to being stronger in one way or another. More able to exert more force in whatever direction you choose. Real Strength.

ANd of course better. Better at work, at life, a school at sports at whatever one chooses. To be healthier or more agile.To be able to push forwards towards whatever goal is up next.

Kettlebells are the simplest and most direct route I've found to these three critical concepts. So its not just a tag line, or even our motto. It's our way of life, and I'd have it no other way.

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