Friday, September 23, 2005


Did NOT want to train today. No umph, bad sleep, no partners to make me do it and having to baby my arm and try to train is irritating. I know, I know, I should be very happy I am not post surgery right now and happy I can train at all. Knowing and doing are different things.

New Schedule:

Saturday: Swings*,Pushdowns, Lunges

Monday: Clean/squat/press, bosu pistols,handstands, scapula pullups

Tuesday: Floor work/Joint Mobility/ Bosu stands

Wednesday: Windmills, Swings*,Bosu Pistols, handstand , scap pullups

Friday:Press**,Cleans^, Farmers walk^^, handstands, scap pullups

* Swings: Variation- either one hand, two arm or one arm, two kbs.
Sets/reps- Holistic- low reps ,long rest for absolute strength and force production
medium reps, medium rest/set for power and lactic acid training
High reps, long rest/sets minimum # of sets
warmup to heavy ,low rep set(s)
Drop weight for med sets
drop again and finish with high rep set(s)

^Cleans: either one arm regular, one arm bottoms up, two arms regular or two arm bottom up
^^ Farmers:; vary positions regularly, even during the sets.


2 KB press

arm feels fine, cleans were ok as well. focus is perfect form.feel strong and good to handle some weight. glad I am not doing reps today. The lighter weights but more speed and power are kicing my ASS!

OneKB press
44x5+5 one clean
53x5+5x2 Woo Hoo! strong. didnt feel the biceps at all.even during the clean.

All presses super setted with one foot bosu stands

x10+10 feels fine
44x5+5 this was good too but didnt want to push for more.

Bottoms up cleans
44x5+5x2 no problem here either! thank God!

Cleans supersetted with eyes closed two foot bosu stands/ with head turning. I suck with my eyes close. balance goes to crap in a heartbeat.

Farmers walk
44# kb x2 laps x 8 sets. fast pace and almost no rest. this felt good for some reason. Cant remember when it did. I actually felt like I could walk strong again.

handstands/scap pullups

5 handstands( most hit on second rep) for a full count ten seconds.
5 sets of 8-5 pullups which were way easy.getting light really helps that.


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