Monday, September 26, 2005

clean squat press

This is my new key movement. I have to have a definite focus to my training. I must have a primal, basic movement I want to improve. First, after gymnastics it was running. Then cycling. Then running and cycling. Then it was bodybuilding squats and my legs. Then it was power squats and deadlifts and my hips and legs.

I needed to improve the mechanics of the movement(s), the top end, whether it was mileage or size or weight and my work capacity. Become a training machine. An animal, in its best sense of the word.

Then it was snatches. Now that I'm not hot to do THOSE anymore it is now clean squat press. It is by far the most potential work producing movement as the kb covers more ground than it does in any movment. In fact it might be the farthest distance the kb can move in one sequence, unless you just keep going

The kb clean moves it about 2 feet, then you squat it and move it again another 2-3 feet, then right over head for another 2-3 feet. so if you are conservative and go 2 feetx3=6 feet of distance traveled each rep.

a 53#er traveling 6 feet per rep produces 318 foot pounds of work per concentric rep.

I did 10 reps per set( 5 per arm) and 5 sets so:

318 foot pounds x 50 reps = 15,900 pounds of work. A decent workload .

So this is my new key movement, along with swings. The base widens.

clean squat press( one kb)
36x5+5x2 sets
44x5+5 arm feels fine. left glute VERY tight all day today for WHO KNOW? what freakin reason.

53x5+5x5 sets 15,900 pounds

2kb clean squat press

(2)36'sx5 /2160 pounds
(2)44's x5x2 /5280 pounds. these arent half bad! deeper squats with 2 kbs than 1.

2kb , one arm swing
36+26x10+10 x 3 sets/ 6480 pounds

total swing volume: 27,660

Pistols on Bosu

5x5+5 these a re the best they've been . quads feel strong.


5x 10 second holds. third set made on first attempt. first two on second attempt.

scapula pullups

5x5. these are getting stronger each week. did two full pullups for last reps of last set. no problem I feel light.

Dont think I can use the push the knees out technique on my swing for the same reason I cant power squat that way. My back always ends up hurting when I do. Killed all weekend and it hasnt hurt for months and months. got to bend over and use the hips like in my dl stance.Cant squat the swing.

BW 161
BF 10.3%


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