Thursday, September 01, 2005

Shaving my hands

Man this brings back memories! One thing gymnasts spend a lot of time doing is taking care of their hands. when you train bars side horse and rings daily your hands are always

1) heavily calloused
2) ripped somewhere.

I used to use a single edge razor blae to shave my callouses down and then sand them. that was the only way I could avoid the giant tears that would make training extremely painful for days after. Sanding alone didnt work as I have found out again with all this kb training.Been sanding them donw and they arent as rough but still too big a pad and they are tearing.

So I got some old school single edge razor blades and went to work manicuring the callouses. It was like I never stopped doing it and my hands remembered it like it was yesterday. I got a pack of 100 blades as that was the last one available. Didnt think I would need that many but they were cheap.

Now I see that having an extremely sharp blade makes a HUGE difference in slicing very thin sections.100 is just a start.

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