Saturday, June 19, 2010

70 sets, the hard way.

As usual I didn't know how max vo2 would go today. Last week was the breakthough for my 50k snatches but only 55 sets. So technically it was a down week; so this week I figured I would go up. The question is, by how much? I thought that 60-65 would be do-able but also thought, I might jump right to 70 sets, if I felt good.

That of course is the key phrase 'cause I'm really not into getting hurt these days and if I do less today I can do more tomorrow. But I still was thinking 70 was possible with less than 85 % total effort. If I need to go above the percentage the training load is too high.

It was a hard start. I felt my left triceps get a bit weird as I was warming up and the warmup was rushed for a number of reasons.No matter. Once I go going things seemed to go well although I could tell that sweat was going to be problem from the start.

I swear, dealing with my prodigious sweat capacity during max vo2 is tougher than doing all the sets and reps! I am constantly having to wipe sweat off me, try to keep the bell dry AND keep my hands dry. And I go through towels like crazy and once they get a bit wet they're worthless as if I pick them up my hands are wet again! ARGHH.

I made the mistake of taking my shirt off too as this gave me less material to absorb the sweat and created more problems.

It just wasn't an on day but hey, that's training. I kept checking in and their was no reason, other than frustration, not to keep going.
My tricep mellowed out, my back felt fine as did my knee but my groove was off, erratic. I fought hard to not be distracted but that is a distraction in itself,lol.

I got through to 50 sets and really didn't think I could get 70 without pushing on the gas too hard and I didn't want to do that. Everything was soaked and that damn buzzer keep going off every fifteen freakin' seconds,lol.

So I stopped at 60 sets as Tracy and Meg pushed on towards 70. I went outside for a minute, got some air and came back in ready to watch them finish but their was that damn bell on it's side where I threw it at the end of the last set.

SO I picked it up and did my last ten sets. Not the smartest thing but there was really no reason not to.
SO I got my 70 sets of 7, albeit with a one minute interlude.
gotta get this sweat thing handled.

Snatch vo2
16 kg
70 sets of 7
490 reps
17,640 lbs

Two Hand shield casts
20 lbs x 10/10 x2
25 lbs x8/8x 4

Two hand swipes( between legs)
20 lbs x10/10 x 2 sets

My journey as an athlete is much more about how I handle, and what I learn from, my hard days; than it is from how good I feel on the easy ones. This I know is true for me. I handled my workout today although I'm not sure of the lesson yet other than to wear more absorbent clothes and sweat bands during summer max training.


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