Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Windmills DARCs Bosu Getups and PISTOLS

Great, great training day today, out of nowhere, as they are want to do.I actually did a decent impression of a pistol on my right leg today standing on the bosu and came very close to a decent half rep on the left as well!! I now beleive I will be able to do left legged pistols on the bosu ball. Whether I can do them free I wont venture a guess yet but I never thought I would be able to do them on the bosu either.

weight 164.2
bodyfat 9.5% This is a 15 year low. very very happy with this.

windmills( both sides)
26x5+5 wow right side is very tight from no practice
53x5+5x3 sets I need to do my right side again.Left side feels stellar.

72x20x10 sets I much prefer doing lots of lower rep sets. these very very powerful too. the bulldog next week.

Superset with

one foot bosu stands. these were the best I have ever done. done center mat so no supports to tap of of I was holding one foot stands for 30 plus seconds on both legs pretty well and could fight to hold position much stronger.I also could close eyes on either leg for a few seconds and not fall off! excellent.

bosu ball get up situp
6 sets of ten. wow. this was a KB what the hell effect.I didnt think I could ever do these.You have to sit down very low onto the bosu ball, lean back into a full stretch. then situp and pull your legs under you into a deep squat up.basically a deck squat onto the bosu with an ab move thrown in. very very very cool.

I started off with a wide stand and brought it in. My left leg was working very well

Bosu Pistols
left leg( with mike for support) three decent half reps. I can feel where my hamstring is not strong enough to hold the position but it seems my knee is strong enough now to play with this. excellent.
right leg: 3 reps! holding onto mike slightly for balance but hey, my leg felt strong and I felt like I could get into the right position.

The boys played around with swings with the 88 and the GREEN band for resisitance . Mike andJoe have a new found respect for the bands.

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