Friday, May 05, 2006

Feeder workout

Finally feel I have the energy to add another session in the mix. Decided to do some H2H and waiters walks in.

around body pass
around leg pass
figure eights
underhand flips( both arms) 10 reps each with 12 kg

Waiters walks
2 laps with right then 2 laps with left arm

did nonstop circuits for 20 minutes. havent doent his in awhile. Perfect.I really love H2H stuff;reminds me so much of gymnastics. Now I'm ready for tomorrows 150 snatches!


bw 162
bf 9.5%


Franz Snideman said...

H2H drills - very fun. Probably a great thing to do in the summer outside or at the beach. That reminds me that I need to throw in some H2H just for variety. I get bored very easily so the jugging drills are stimulating to my nervous system and my mind.

Mark Reifkind said...

yeah there are always a good bet for me when I want to go light, get some aerobic work in and not be bored.