Saturday, June 03, 2006

Seventy percent snatch

Now that I have my 100% volume( for the moment) I can train a bit by percentages. Since last week was a peak, it's time to drop down the ladder


x7/7x 4 rounds. 144 reps( 70% of 200 is 140-close enough)

Very easy,except on the hands, which got a bit hot. no tears though. Teshnik was great and the hip drive again took ALL the load off my shoulder and biceps through the middle. If this holds up it will have totally changed my snatch technique for the better, plus decreased my injury potential! training with three partners so pace was slower but I cut in between most times.

Bottoms up cleans
72x3/3 STRONG!
88x1/1 3 sets

I would give the Bulldog cleans a c+/b-. The bell was bottoms up and stopped but not locked in perfectly. Plus I didnt swing through on the descent, just put in on the platform.Much better than last attempts but I still need more leg/hip drive and thats just confidence and committment to the attempt. I'll get it for triples soon.

2 kb deads

this is a great rehab movment for me. lots of quads and erectors to balance out the swing work.

bw 161.4
bf 10.0%


Joefitness said...

Sick on the bulldog buc...and nice work on the snatch!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks dude. the bottoms up was much easier than the last time.

Royce said...

NICE on the bulldog Rif! Crazy strong.
144 snatches is 70% for you, man I am jealous. Happy for you though.
How does the 'dog feel compared to the 2 pood for BUC, I can BUP a 53 lb'r but can't quite get the 2 pood BUC.

Mark Reifkind said...


BIG difference. I can do 5 strong reps no problem with the two pood prettymuch any time but the bulldog is a big jump for me. The hardest part is just really letting it swing back enough to really get my legs into the start. The catch isnt that hard but I need more "oomph" at the start.

try not to use too much is a 16 pound increase, which at that weight is a lot.

Pete Diaz, RKC said...

Nice work with the BUC Rif! Question on the warrior diet...during the undereating phase, how was your energy levels? I conduct a 0600 am PT class, and I am worried I will have no "GO" for my class.

Mark Reifkind said...

Pete it takes awhile till your blood sugar and energy gets leveled out and you get your daily energy from burning fat for fuel instead of carbs or stored blood sugar.

I suggest starting the undereating phase by just eliminating carbs, subbing good protein/fats( yoghurt, peanuts, almonds , hard cheese) and eating 'just' enough to get you through.

I get up at 3:30-4 am work til 1 pm and then train with NO food after except for coffee and herbal tea and feel great!

but it sdefinitely takes time to adjust. just dont eat carbs during the undereating phase. ori says you can have fruits but I think fats are better. for me anyway.

Pete Diaz, RKC said...

Very interesting! I can sympathize with the 0330 wakeup! I will give the undereating phase a try. I definitely need to lean out. My body fat is higher than it needs to be. I have tried to go low carb before, and it left me feeling mentally sluggish. I will have to sub fats and see how I feel with that change. I went low carb and low fat....probably why my brain was in slow motion.