Saturday, June 10, 2006


Today was one of those workouts that was just work. Was a tough week and had a hard time concentrating on the task at hand. THis is where having set numbers to achieve really helps. Just keep focused on doing your numbers, keeping form and get through it.


x8/8 x 4 rounds. 168 reps/ 8904 lbs

really hard to stay in my body and not lose form and pull with my arm. had to keep repeating the cues as I did them. worked fine in the end.

Bottoms up cleans
72x5/5 x 2 sets! These were very very solid.

2 kb dl

2/62 x10 x 3 sets

I love these. have to get a second two pood next.

datsit. slow today but I got through it safely.Plus, I did almost 170 snatches on a tough day. I'll take it. The baseline has definitely moved up

bw 162.5
bf 11.5% !!! must be dehydrated. time to get wet. Training heavier has definitely put more size on me. dont know if thats a good thing. I was aiming for 160. Less desserts.


Royce said...

Nice Riff, getting back into deadlifting, that's really cool.
Deads have so much real world carryover, especially KB deads, just like picking up the end of the couch or something.
2 things:
If you had to pick one squating movement that had the most real world carryover what would it be??

You want to hear something funny, snatches, double hang cleans and high rep swing cleans have put more size on my arms than when I used to do curls and close grip bench!!
19 inches ( some of that is fat ) today after my wife commented that my arms were getting huge.
Her exact comment was something to the effect that she could see definition under my fat now. LOL

Royce said...

I was just re-reading your post on the 4 levels of mastery. Very cool.
I think I get stuck between 3 and 4 a lot on my "hobies", then stop, it really is amazing how much spiritualism is involved in dedicating yourself to one thing.
My definition of spiritualism being the understanding and mastery of my spirit. Or myself put another way.
It is also amazing how much dedication and mastery of self flows to all aspects of life, for instance, I set a goal today to clean my entire house. I HATE housework. But I did it simply because I set the goal. Something I have been working on.
People who think we who are involved in physical culture are dumb or " less evovled " are missing some quality life experiences!

Franz Snideman said...

Nice work Rif. I can relate about having tougher workout mentally especially when your cooked from a stressful week.

Great numbers. Your program design is obviously bearing some great fuit.

So you are essentially training 3 times per week, right?

Are you doing any GTG on your off days?

Mark Reifkind said...


man kettlebells REALLLy work the arms, or at least the biceps. its funny, when I was powerlifting I had no biceps but hUGE triceps, now its just the opposite!

yeah deadlifting is great and if my back and legs could handle the tension I would jump back in with a barbell fast.BUt i'm smarter than that these days,:))

and I totally agreee with your words about the spiritualness of training flowing over into all aspects of life and work. I had to deal with that prejudice about athletic stuff all my life from my jewsih family and relatives. jes arent supposed to be athletes, not as a career. oh well. the body has its own wisdom and genius and should not be thought of as 'second class'.

Mark Reifkind said...


yes the base has really been building well and now I have something to 'push off' from. and I am training three times a week with no gtg on the other days, just tons of stretching and thumper time.

people make training too complicated when they dont have specific goals and deadlines. its so much more simple than people make it out to be. makes me miss powerlifting even more.