Saturday, June 24, 2006

More training at Jacks Gym

Went for our final shakedown on the monolift before Nick lifts at Nationals July 9. Nick squatted his opener 525 like cake, then did rack holds with his prjected second attempt 573 and then 601 for his third. All easy and strong. He is figuring out the groove he has to be in to unrack the bar and maintain perfect squatting posture. Good time to switch over to the clean and press for saturday workout

Clean and press

53x5/5x8 sets! 80 reps. 4240 lbs of presses. nice.

this is some kind of pr I'm sure. these were very easy. was going to use the 62 today but didnt want to lug it around. next week at home. The Bulldog will fall soon.

Supersetted with ballistic pullups

4,5,6,7,5,6,7,5,6,7 58 reps should have done more. didnt keep track in the workout. very strong reps

one kb suitcase dl
53x10 inside 10 reps sumo 4 sets.

was going to barbell dl but though better of it.

not bad but I am looking forward to being back in my gym. I am becoming a recluse.Lol, ok, even more than normal.

datsit, stay loose.


Franz Snideman said...

Nice work Rif. Fun to get stronger and to be able to do more and more quality work. Your work capacity keeps improving.

Mark Reifkind said...

yeah, the presses were easy.we'll see though, 7 clients in a row and most had serious bodywork needed;we'll see how doing snatches on mondays pans out.