Saturday, June 17, 2006

Snatching in Felton

Went up to Jacks gym in Felton in the Santa Cruz mountains today to help Nick get ready for Nationals in 3 weeks. Cant wait. the boy is on fire! He squatted 505, 535, and 555 like NOTHING today.
Jacks gym is the PERFECT WSB garage gym setup. This place is freaking powerliftin gheaven with tons of guys eager to help load, spot,etc. and every single piece of power gear a guy could use.

He needed the time in the monolift to get the rack position right. I hate training in strange gyms; freaking hate it. Oh well.GOt some decent farmers walks in carrying the kbs up the hill to the garage gym.

x5/5= 132 reps ,6996 lbs

man I thought it was more reps. was hoping to get 140 and thought about just tacking on another set of five but decided against it. biceps are tight and my groove was not solid. hips still a bit tired from wednesdays pr hi pulls. really really really had to fight to not pull the bell and focus on the hip drive.

time to have a down week anyway

bw 160.6
bf 10.6%

Plus I am still light at 160 lbs.


Franz Snideman said...

132 aint't bad Rif.

Sounds like your client is ready!
Wow- squatting over 500 - that's huge!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks and yes you are right, 132 aint bad at all.especially on what I would consider a non strong day.what you see depends on where you stand.

and as for Nicks squats I wont be suprised at all if we dont take 601 as a third and he makes it.

1st att 513
2nd att 573 for the pr
3rd if 573 is strong=601
3rd if 573 is not strong= 578

600is such a big psychological hurdle. once it is done things can go up from there quickly.SO much of strength is mental.

Mark Reifkind said...

oh an d he;s my training partner, definitely NOT a client.Big difference.