Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The joy of no.

No pain that is. As mysteriously as my knee went out it seems to have ‘gone back in’. For how long who know but it sure is sweet.I think the origins of this actually lay in ankle immobility as I did a lot of release work on the posterior tibialis and the lower soleus as well as some close stance squatting knee ankle stretches right before it went in. It is truly a mess though and my knee replacement is probably no more than five years off. If I make that.

I know its going to be great to be able to walk as far as I want and to train kbs pretty much as much as I want without the limitation of grinding knee pain.. don’t need to squat deep anyway ( artificial knees usually go on 120- to max 130 degrees of knee flexion) but swings should be fine as will hiking and cycling. That will be cool.

Also got to train at 11:30 today, way early for me as many clients are out of town. The perfect day for me:

Wake up without an alarm clock.

Coffee and paper

Hot shower and or bath/joint mobility stretch out.

Prepare for training session with motivational music, magazines or books. Visualize what I want to do in the workout.


Stretch out

20 minute nap


This is how I used to live when I was swing shift and got to train myself first. I miss it.

Oh well, we choose what we choose.

Snatch Hi pulls


72x6/6= 48 x four rounds. 192 total reps

This went surprisingly well. My swing has jumped to a new level and I don’t have to fight it or’find’ it much anymore. Nice. This is what you train for. Unconcious competence. The last level of Mastery.

1) unconcious incompetence
2) conscious incompetence
3) concisous competence
4) unconscious competence.

Wind was very good and rest periods are definitely getting shorter although I don’t count them. I didn’t even have my clock in there today.Tracy stole it J)
I would get 75-60 seconds between sets.

Farmers walk 2 suitcase stye

2 36’s x 400 feet x 4 rounds= 1600 feet

This is where it was great that my knee wasn’t clunking around on every step.I cant remember feeling this for a long time.Not to mention the sharp pain,lol.
I really let myself lean forward and held a solid lumbar arch. The two bells are much different than walking with a single bell.much more like a running gait than a walking.

Rack walk, one kb

36#x 100 feet each arm x 3 rounds 600 feet/

30 second rest between each round.

This went very well as well!!

2 kb deadlift

I love these ;not heavy at all but remind me of older days. Still got a great dl groove!My dl was better than I thought at the time. Didn’t have enough confidence in my unique style of lifting. I would have done much better listening to all my instincts, which turned out to be right. Try not to let that happen again.



Joefitness said...

WOW! nice numbers on the high pull! You truly have found a groove! I like the levels of competence. You should write a blog entry explaining them, very valuable tool!

Mark Reifkind said...

I am really like this move. I do it exactly like my snatch without the punch through. I treat this as my asistance work for the snatch. plus I can go heavier than the snatch for high volume.

Royce said...

your pre and post workout schedule is awesome.
Very few days like that for me with 5 kids.
It is incredible to train that way, to prepare, to focus.

What is the music by the way, mine is the "Ride the Lightning" album by Metallica.

Mark Reifkind said...


lol,thats not what I do its what I WISH I could do,and what i used to be able to do. now I work 8 hours then just go.

Franz Snideman said...

Great Post Rif!

Must be nice to sleep in :)

Pete Diaz, RKC said...


My teacher and mentor, Daniel DeLeon uses the competency models in one of his lectures. It has so many real world applications. We instruct that in defensive tactics. To train where you have "no mind" it is a responsive reaction to any threat that you face.

Ahhh, the perfect not have to wake up to an alarm clock. Love it!

Ken Black said...

Glad and mysitifed that the knee is okay Rif. Have a good weekend.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks thing to remember about my knee; even when its not falling off it still is a major mess.It is nice when it doesnt hurt when I am just sitting or lying down though, lol.joint positition in neutral makes a big difference it seems.