Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Another PR

Ah, sometimes things go right. and its usually when you least exepct it. Not a huge pr, but a pr nonetheless and one thing all those years training westside taught me was to ALWAYS respect prs and to get them whenever you can. whereever you can. they always add up to more strength.

Went into Hi Pulls today not expecting much. Kind of tired, blah feeling, tracy stole the clock( she does her extra swings in the kitchen now, in between sets of housework!) and generally just a work-out. But as usual I warm up slow and late and had a great second wind. Rest periods got very compressed towards the end. I just have to really, fully warmup.

Hi Pulls

53x8/8 x4 rounds=128 reps (2816+3392= 6208lbs)

62x6/6 (2976+3520=6496) 6496+6208= 12,704 lbs lifted)
44x10/10x4 rounds=128

total = 256 reps PR.

This is where I want to go with the high pull. Get the volume OVER what I want to snatch,volume wise, wave that load,up to 300 total. Where the snatch goal is an average of 180-200 reps/workout.

And form wise they have never felt better. I can really get the coordination and timing of the swing now better than ever. Letting is swing through and THEN snapping the glutes as the bell is under you AS I pull back with the shoulder. the kb just pops up now. KB's have really helped me lower my center of gravity, which was pretty high, let me tell you.

I am learning to let it swing and not force it when its already moving.Hitting the hips at the right spot is everything.much easier on the shoulder and the back.

2 kb farmers walk

200 feet,with 2 36's x 5 sets ;100o feet total. 30 seconds( counted) rest/sets.

knee was wierd on this. I wonder if I should just stay with the assymetrical rack and waiters walk. this bilateral 2 kb walk hasnt been good for awhile.totaly different posture. maybe thats the problem although I did try to walk more upright today and the knee still wasnt under me right.

2 kb dl
2 62's x5/5 30 sec/sets.

I think I need to find another move on this day than repeat this as saturdays workout. need to think about it, too much dl wont be good I'm sure,even light.

oh well. great workout and totally unplanned pr. this is my 'play' day as far as weights and rep combinations go. make it up on the spot and let it develop rather than guide it.snatch and press day are more structured.

datsit. gotta stay loose.

bw 158.6 !?! thats low.
bf 10.2 % thats high. must be low water.its hotter these last two days.


Franz Snideman said...

Awesome Rif. Great job on the PR.You're right, they are hard to come by, that's for sure.

Nice to see how your training is paying off.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks dude,feels like I turned a corner.