Monday, June 05, 2006

Forgetting how to walk and So close!

Should've been a good day.Light schedule, plenty of rest, food and water yesterday.I have never have great workouts on days I feel good going in. Never have.

20 minute walk (to and from mechanics)
7 minutes on exercise bike.

This is the first time in 2 years my knee bends enough to pedal a bike. very interesting.I think part of the pain is coming from an increased ROM and different patella tracking than in years. It always hurts to grow and go forward. If I know anything I know that.

But I forget how to walk so easily! Pain really distorts motor patterns unbelievably. I have to really slow down and do lighter farmers, waiters and rack walks as well as just plain walking.I always go too heavy on everything; given the chance :))
So many demons so little ROM.

I just know one thing: I HAVE to stay as loose as possible. Way more important than strength for me.And ice the shit out of my knee.

All presses supersetted with ballistic pullups

5,6,7,5,6,7,5,67,5,6= 60 reps total pr!

decided I was starting the ladders too low. Need to get to 100 reps in a session as the peak.I like solid numbers like 100. 315. 405.72. lol.

Bottoms up clean and press
62xmiss/miss - good attempt,missed 3/4's the way to lockout.
xmiss/miss -same but closer!
xmiss/miss - the closest of the three. have to really get set TIGHT before the press and I could feel saturdays workout cutting into the ability to tense.No problems though. This is a done deal. The 53# was seriously steady. went right up.

Clean and press
72x1/1x2 sets

these felt really light after the B/U.

Waiters walk
26# x 1000 feet switching arms each 100 feet.
Rack walk
one 26#x1000 feet switching each 100

this was actually very good. walked very slowly or it hurt the knee.the one kb rack walk and the waiters walk really make me extend UP as I walk. this seems to be crucial for me getting the right position for my knee to be "under" me. I tend to hunch quite a bit from gymnastics, road cycling and running.

lots of stretching, thumper and h20 now. oh, and ice.


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