Saturday, June 03, 2006

Team DuCane April 2006 RKC

Great picture of my beautiful wife and her team at the cert. Posted by Picasa


Royce said...

Not a training comment, You seem very in love with and proud of our wife.
I resent and almost hate comments a lot of married men make about the character of their wives.
Through no device of my own I am married to one of the most amazing humans alive.
I love being married to her, I sense some of the same pride and love in your comments.
Again no training comments, just a comment on life, a partner you love and respect is priceless.
My wife and children have enriched my life more than I can say.

Peace. Royce

Royce said...

It is nice to see someone else brag about their wife!

Mark Reifkind said...

absolutely.she is the love of my life!of course we are oil and water but regardless I am always so proud of her and would be lost without her.

I knew immediately she was for me. I moved in after three days and married her three months later. that was 19 years ago!

Royce said...

Cool, we were talking about marriage on our second date.
Oil and Water here too, maybe we are on to something! LOL

Joefitness said...

You two make a great team! Complimentary parts

Pete Diaz, RKC said...


You could tell how proud you were of your wife at the RKC. It is always refreshing to meet men who are not afraid to say how much in love they are with their wife. I feel the same way about my wife. But, I am sure you could tell that by the way I wanted my wife to share part of the RKC experience with me by wanting her to come out to the meet and greet, training day 2, and dinner after day 2.

Royce, I agree with your statement about those married men who speak negatively about their wives. It almost speaks volumes about themselves.