Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Git er dun

This was a wierd one. Had ZERO desire to train today. So hard for me to train hard with no upcoming competition to focus on. SO much harder than training for meets. The deadline and the fear of upcoming humiliation in front of my peers and betters helped a lot to get me pumped up. Now the goal is NOT to push too hard, yet still show up and progress. Perhaps the hardest training line I've ever had to follow.

Of course once I broke a sweat it was all good. In fact very good; my wind and between set recovery has gotten much better as of late. The efficiency of my swing is much to credit I believe as I not working so hard in each set ,:}}

Switching hands every so often has given me hope that one day I will take the USSST for ten and five minutes and not hurt myself. I would love to be able to do that.Its taking a log time to change this long time powerlifting/bodybuilding body back to a strength endurance athlete, but it seems to be coming.

Hi pull ladders

x7/7= 72 reps/ three ladder rounds= 216 total reps/ 11,448 foot pounds. wow. thats way higher than expected. last week was 256 reps but with weight waves so lower total

This was much easier than I expected. my wind, as I wrote above, was very solid. and 28 total reps per set is very high for me. I love being able to do a lot of work; it's extremely satisfying to me.
Technique was solid too as my upperback drive and hip snap were working together better than ever.. gettin good float.

Rest between sets was shorter than usual too, although I dont count. Longest, at the start of the workout, 75 seconds and dropping to 35-45 sec for the last sets. I always did run negative splits in my road races,lol. start slow, finish fast.

Overhead KB Holds.

Since I like the waiters walks I thought I might like his big brother. this turned out great. santch the weight overhead then hold for various times.

15 sec
15 sec each arm

This was good for me. Really lets me settle in and find the best hold position. Plus you can really feel how important the glutes and hips are for overhead stability. I will like this one. Plus I can lift some weight!

Rack walks, one kb

44#x10 laps of 100 feet alternating arms each 1oo.

this was wierd as my left knee worked fine with the bell in the left rack position but clunked when I held it in the right. took awhile to get it 'under me' and not make so much noise with the right arm loaded. have to walk very slowly.

about 90 degrees today, great sweat. I love sweating my ass off.another good thing about training alone, you go at YOUR pace. total workout time: 50 minutes. I am learning to love shorter workouts in my old age. Well, at least accept them.

datsit, stay loose.

bw 162.6
bf 10.2%

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