Monday, June 19, 2006

The hardest thing is not figuring it out; it's remembering to do it.

I was not happy at all with my snatch form this last Saturday at Jacks Gym. This seems to happen when I start to ramp up my reps over five. I rest less in the top which I need to do to really get under the weight and get on my heels with my glutes locked in.

I start to rush and get pulled forwards. Next thing you know I start to feel my biceps working and I dont like that. So today, since I need to start snatching on Mondays anyway ( the pace is too slow on Saturdays now) I decided to do some form work. Never a waste of time.


36x5/5/5/5 one hand switch
x5/5/5/5/5/5 Never tried this USSST style before. Very interesting= 50 reps

44x5/5/5/5x 7 sets= 140 reps

By keeping the reps to just five ( my favorite rep number it seems) and switching I am not as tempted to NOt get on my heels and hold the lockout. I have really let that slip lately. Dumbass.I will play with this. this might allow me to get my total reps/set up without my form going.


Another thing I forget very easily it seems. If I really get back on my heels and hinge the bell stays in very close, my biceps dont load and my hip snap is solid. DIdnt I just remember this a few weeks ago? LOL! DUmbass.

62x5/5x5 sets

same technique works here too,of course.

tactical pullups
4,5,6 x 3 rounds 45 reps

very solid and strong. this has definitely jumped up for real.excellent.

bw 163.2
bf 9.3% woo hoo! back into single digits.

datsit; stay loose.


Royce said...

"I decided to do some form work. Never a waste of time."

Man that is one of those things I wish I could keep up front in my head.
I NEED to remember that, respect pr's, but mostly practice form and technique!!

45 pullups, way to go man, that's very cool.

Geoff Neupert said...

Rif--try this gem Pavel gave us at the level 2 for the snatch descent:

Try to throw the KB back into your lower abs. Obviously you'll miss your lower abs, but it'll keep the bell closer to the body instead of "casting" it out like a fishing line. You'll find yourself immediately on your heels as the bell goes between your legs. And watch out, it makes the rep faster than normal--the hammies really get loaded and the bell comes tearing out of the hole!

Let me know if that helps. I've got more where that came from... ;-)

Pete Diaz, RKC said...

congrats on the work, esp. getting back into single digits! Way to work it! It's funny how as soon form starts to slip, it starts a downward spiral-muscles that shouldn't be felt are stressed, and you feel odd in the lift. Nice work on the USSST.

Ken Black said...

Mark I was looking at your video of you snatching. What pace would you consider that? The lockout is where I think you will find help. It seems that the lockout the kettlebell isn't far enough behind you and you hurry to get it back down. I would say take a little more time in the lockout. Get a feel for where the bell is and then it should be easier to get the hip/heel initiation. Just my opinion and 2cents. It is hard to watch the video sideways;)
When are is the comp up here? Would be good to get a look at it then.
Your blog is always a good read.

Mark Reifkind said...


good eye.and I totally agreeime holding the lockout. this is especially true with my right shoulder which stil does not have full ROM from my injury in 1977. getting better though.

doing higher reps always gets me rushing which sets up bad form.
the more I set at the top, get my hips under me and hinge first from there the better the next rep is. just have to go slowly and do all those things in order.

the comp is at the doubletree hotel.thanks and glad you enjoy my ranting :))

Ken Black said...

Rif what is the date of the comp? Looking forward to meeting you there.