Monday, June 12, 2006

No margin for error.

I have to remember that as I am starting to get strong again and damn does it feel good! I KNOW how to exert maximum force, I'm good at it. its just those damn sissy ass joints of mine that won't do their job.Presses today were so much fun cause they were easy. I have died as a bench presser but perhaps been reborn as a KB military presser.

Makes sense,since I began as a press machine as a gymnast. Straight arm straight leg pike press was the first real move I learned as a gymnast and I could do it perfectly almost from the start.

Its taken my all this time to learn how to begin to root and create tension from the ground up.SO much easier on the shoulder.

The steady levels and small increases of volume have paid off it seem. I've made a quantum jump in work capacity and it feels good. Did 72 pullups today no problem when just a month ag0 40 was a good workout.

Same with snatches. It was that 200 rep workout I bet. Its just like anything. Once you go to what was perceived was a top end everything underneath that level now is different. Forever easier and much less deserving of any respect and no fear at all. those 168 snatches Saturday was just where 135 felt a few months ago.

Thats the funny part, too. No matter what level I am at it almost always feels the same,psychologically.. Going from 315-405 in the squat was fundamentally the same as 405-500. The challenges, fears, obstacles and desires for pr's are the same, just different numbers. Exact same thing with kbs, or anything for that matter.

Clean and Press/Ballistic pullups
36x5/5 5
44x5/5 6
53x3/3 7

72x2/2x6 3 rounds of above ladder total reps=72! all time pr.

The presses were seriously easy. I had two more reps per arm easy. AND it felt light for the first time in a long time.


SInce I've decided one of my new goals is to press the Bulldog and I can bottoms up clean it I should do some regular cleans with it. THis thing is a monster! It will be awhile before I press this. Lots of training to do. want to do at least 3x5 with the 72 before I make the attempt.

waiters walks with 26
200 feet per arm
3 times each arm

This exercise is unique for me in that it really creates axial extension in my body when I walk. 2 continuous laps is tough for my right shoulder as it is still not perfectly comfortable , or really even perfectly IN, neutral.But it is coming and is so much better. The 26 is better right now as what I need is shoulder ROM and shoulder strength endurance.

RIS: twenty minutes on floor.

datsit.stayin loose.

bw 163.2 !!
bf 9.9%

no wonder I'm strong. I'm heavy,lol!


markdavidson said...

72 pullups. jesus.

any reccomendations on how i can increase my reps? i can only do 3 at a time


Mark Reifkind said...

yes, start doing ladders two ro three days a week and work to increase total volume, using ladders of 1,2,3,1,2,3,etc until you get tired. soon you will be able to do 2,3,4,2,3,4 etc and then more.

up til last week I was mainly doing ladders of 3,4,5, then, umph! my reps were up. but I put in monthso f 3,4,5 two times a week and doing 30-40 reps per workout. last workout I did 62 now 72. 100 soon!

increase volume consistently and wave it up and down.

Mark Reifkind said...

also notate how many total you do each workout and wave that number up for three weeks in a row then drop int down to 60 % or so the 4th week.

Royce said...

Man your numbers are coming up nicely!
Way to go dude, that bulldog will go up for you when you are ready, I have no doubt.

I am still nursing my hand, pushed a little hard and felt it, nothing like it was. But I don't want to be stupid and really hurt it either.

Sucks dude, can't jog because of messed up ankle, can't throw kb's because of messed up hand.
Maybe water ballet for my pansie ass!!!!

Mark Reifkind said...

nothins ever easy ever. rule #3. work around the injuries, they will heal up.
have to be careful myself now, as I get stronger, its when things go bad for me.

Royce said...

Yeah, just reading some of your OLD posts I see how far you have come. Don't get injured now man.
Seriously impressed with your determination, also it that a person dos not need a complicated routine to make extraordianry progress!