Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Snatch VO2

When I could fly.

Another bad night of sleep made today not so much fun. I had planned on just starting with 8 rep sets and see how far I could go but then decided it wasnt a good idea to push my cns hard on a day when I havent slept for beans.So it was 7 rep sets and see how far I could go. Not a bad outcome, considering.

Snatch vo2 15:15 16 kg

50 sets of 7
350 reps
12,800 lbs
175 points
HR at end 170

this went suprsingly well and discovered a technique idiosyncracy that really made a difference in bell speed. I have a deep prejudice against my stiff legged DL style of swinging and snatching, and, like most who want what they don't have, desire a strong leg/hip drive style snatch instead of the back/hip teshnik I use.
I have to stay flat footed at the top of the snatch AND at the drop or I get back on my heels too much and it slows me down! Of course I didnt really grok this to about 35 sets or so but man the last 15 sets were done with room to spare. Of course having more than two brain cells to rub together would have helped me get this earlier but hey, what can you do. Sometimes gravity wins.Not today but it was close..

Rack Walks
1200 feet with 16 kg switch hands every 200

Could have gone more but my get and go got up and went.

Torch swings
2 15 lb CB x 4 sets of 15 reps.

Did these inside so they were 3/4 swings( low ceiling) hence the higher reps. these are so good for unwinding my biceps/brachialis.


BW 161.6
BF 8.5%
Water 60.8%


Franklin B. Herman said...

I would be extremely pleased to pull off even a quarter of those numbers with a great nights sleep! Nice goin'!

I have been experimenting a bit lately with a more hinge style vs a squat style snatch. If I understand correctly, I think the hinge is what you were explaining by bending much more at the waist on the concentric and less bending of the knees than in the squat style.

I noticed today that when performing hinge style snatches, in order to keep my lower back from any discomfort during the waist bend, I have to keep my back arched a bit more than usual on the way down. Also as of yet, I don't have an awareness of my feet positioning but will try to tune into that next time per your recent observation.

It also seems as if with hinge style that the bell travels back further between the legs on the eccentric. I think that this allowing a greater hip loading during the next concentric.

The big benefit for me with this new style is that my quads don't seem to wear as quickly but right now it is more demanding technique wise.

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks man, I've been working on it for a long dont want to bend at the waist,ever. you want to hinge from the hips, with a flat back.important distinction. bending at the waist can hurt the back.
so much of whether you are a hip/leg snatcher( what some call squat style) or a pure hinge style( like me) is how you are built. if you have long torso and short legs you will be more of a squatter.short torso andlonger femur and you tend to hinge.
you have to go with your body type, really.
either way though the hip is the prime mover.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Poor choice of words, thanks for the correction .. I am hinging at my hips not the waist. I think as I get tired I tend to round my back so the addition of the slight arch may actually be straightening me out.

As far as body type, I don't have a feel for what the parameters are for determining what body type I have. However if I had to guess it probably is more towards the optimal squat snatch body type.

I have a consult with Andy Bender,RKC on Monday and snatch form evaluation will be the top priority. This especially important in light of my recent increase in snatch volume .. I definitely don't want to injure myself.

Mark Reifkind said...


good clarification. some people actually mean at the waist.good idea for the eval. as volume or intensity go up form is even more crucial.