Thursday, April 03, 2008

Here's a grind.

You gotta be real strong to pull this long and not break position.Mitch Edelstein shows what a max effort looks like. 650 lbs @ 220 lbs bodyweight.


Aaron Friday said...

I hung out with Mitch just last Saturday at the Twin Cities Barbell weightlifting meet. Cool to see him do that nice pull. He seems smaller in person.

fawn said...

The voice cheering for Mitch is Cheryl Anderson.... lots of voice for a 105'er! LOL... She is like that at the gym to.

Mark Reifkind said...

aaron, there's something about having a big weight in your hands that makes one look much bigger in pictures.

yes that is a big voice for such a little person, but she obviously has a lot of "big" in her to be so strong.