Monday, April 07, 2008

Long course, short course.

That's how I am thinking about my snatch training lately, which is about to take center stage in my training world.It's been a long time coming; back to being able to snatch regularly again without making the shoulder worse and the first time ever that I am going to train for the five and ten min SSST. I truly never thought I would be able to do either safely,that's how messed up I was. Anything that resembled pushing could bring on serious pain and possible injury so I just swore it off.
But consistent swing,snatch and overhead hold practice seems to have brought things around to be able to do the Snatch Vo2 safely and that has dramatically changed both my snatch form and shoulder resilience as well as my cardiovascular abilities.Add in the Z and the clubs and my entire scapulo throacic area is in the best shape it's been in since the early eighties.Not to say it's anywhere near perfect; nor that I can't slide backwards in a heartbeat if I'm stupid or greedy. But my awareness of what's happending is way better and my pre/rehab/corrective exercise toolbox is way bigger.
I'm switching Saturdays back to snatch day and will alternate training each week for the 20 kg ten minute test and the 24 kg five minute test. The ten minute long course will build my wind and lactic acid tolerance as well as base form/general endurance. THe five minute faster and heavier short course will build strength and power and make the 20 kg feel light. The longer sets with the 20kg will make the shorter sets with the 24 blow by fast.
Wednesdays Snatch Vo2 workouts will build O2 uptake capacity, speed ,power and quick recovery with little rest.
Total volume per day is yet to be determined, as well as length of sets but it will soon be clear.
Todays workout went very well with this concept.

16kg x5/5/5/5x2

176 reps
9,328 lbs
176 snatch race points
running total= 976

wow this went great. Used the false grip, corkscrew and super secret DW breathing technique,lol.What a difference each makes and together,wow.I've never been able to do these types of sets straightup hardstyle, which is the point.All these techniques makes snatching easier not harder, which is the point of adaptive, overload training.One sits on a box to make the squat harder, not easier.Competition form is another thing, another skill, and that's where one wants to make things easier. SO today I practiced that AND got a great workload in.
If I am going to test for 5-10 minutes I have to get used to going longer and longer all the time with the pace I want to maintain to get the goal.As well as build my CV system with increased max vo2 training. It's just SO amazing to me that I get to even play like this again. I thought this type of training in anything was over for me forever :((
How cool it's not!
Snatches have never felt this controlled and explosive at the same time!

10 lb 2 CB Swipes
100 reps 4 min 45 sec

this was fun. The 10s are such great weight to go long reps with. The 15's can still be tough on my elbow if I get tired and not keep the load 'spread'.the tens are fun and going 5 min straight is perfect training.The hardest part is just standing in one place for so long and not be able shift like you can with one arm work.

10 lb 1 CB swipe
100 reps switch arm every 10 reps
3:45 sec

ah, these are cool and went faster. very relaxing and therapeutic.rythymic

Shield Cast
100 reps switching every 10
3:30 sec

this was great for opening up my shoulders in the the circular, transverse plane

BW 162
BF 8.1%
water 61.4%

Datsit. will do some Z and rifga later to stay loose.It's all good though.

Ok, this is what it looks like for ssst training for the 20 and 24 kg respectively. 20 kg day will focus on one minute sets for each arm,waving the number of switches/sets till I get past 8 minutes regularly and up to 400 total reps per workout( double the goal).
24 kg day will be as today,switching every ten reps and working up to 200 + reps per workout and or multiple 4-5 minute sets.


Iron Tamer said...

super secret breathing indeed!

inhale, exhale, repeat...

I am glad to see you getting this snatch thing going, and happy that my secret technique is working for you.

Mark Reifkind said...

ah yes but the devils in the details eh?

Adam said...

LOL Secret breathing!

Rif, it is awesome to read month after month of all the improvements your making on your self. I am sick of seeing so many people give up on themselves. We need to get you a reality TV Show!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks adam,

it's been an AMAZING three years since Brett and Mike Castro convinced me I could survive the RKC weekend although at the time I could barely walk two block without searing knee pain and couldnt stand on my left leg for more than a few seconds.
I truly wouldnt have believed the abilities I am gettng back would have been possible but here it is :))
No reality show for me though, it would be way too boring. I think most people just dont think much about the long haul and need way too much immediate gratification.
Oh yeah and they hate the dreaded D & W words.
( discipline and willpower)- 'cause they're no fun,lol.
Fun is succeeded at what your goal is.