Thursday, April 06, 2006

Combined Center of Gravity

So this hip thing is working great with myself and my clients. I am realy getting it down now and can teech it very effectively. It is helping them immensely.So much cleaner on the back and shoulders than the other technique.ANd so ironic that it took the kettlebell to show me what Louie was talking about in the squat. How to sit back and stretch load the hips while keeping the back arched. Only the hips moved, Louie said and he was right. I just didnt know how to do it.My knees go out and everything.

Such incredible potential for powerlifters also. Way more than I had imagined. Getting your GPP and your squat and sumo deadlift form refined at the same time. THis is about a sports specific as you get.

A giant key ( and cue) for me is to get FULLY on my heels and flex the glutes harder than I think they need.Then to push back against that tension, not releasing and letting gravity pull me down. I tend to go down, rather than back, in that way( my old form) and get bent over.This reminds me of a bow and arrow. the glutes are the bow string.The further you push them back the tighter the string gets.

But its the COMBINED center of gravity of your hips and the bells mass that is really what this is about.Finding that linkage between the two is what makes it work and what I havent been getting. the further I push my hips back the closer the bell stays over my base of support and the more stable I am.Even perhaps past perpindicular as Pavel and Louie say.

Only the beginning.Deep skill fun.

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Joefitness said...

That is awesome...I want you too show me what you are talking about