Saturday, April 08, 2006

The foundation widens

Inspired by re reading my old snatch training posts I decided to do a ladder instead of straight rep sets. Worked great, a did the technique. It is holding up and acquiting itself very well.

36x6/6x2 ( 8:30 starts are always cold)

x7/7 x four rounds= 144 reps
+ 53x5/5 total= 154 reps

Easy as pie. Fairly fast pace too. Just went every other partner.hips really popped it up and the descent feels so much safer. much less wear and tear on biceps,shoulders and grip. Held each rep at the top for a solid one count as I got my hips under as much as possible as well. This really is helping shoulder ROM and flexibility. Not to mention stabilizing strength.

Two hand Swings
53x15 =106 reps

these felt great.really lets me focus now on the finished hip snap as counter-balancing as I push back.a different move for me now.hips are cooked though.the bulldog was tough though.I have work to do.



Franz Snideman said...

Aren't swings truly one of the best exercises on the planet. I can't squat anymore, at least not with a barbell. my back goes absolutely bazerko! But swings seem to work everything and help my back - as long as I keep the bell close to the groin and not too low. I think you told me that you rarely do barbell squats, is that true?

Mark Reifkind said...

no I cant squat at all anymore.between my shoulder and my back and my knee!and the real irony is is that the snatch and cleans and swings are doing more for functional real worl leg strength than any direct leg movement ever has. oh and the farmers walks too.