Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Upward trend continues

Work capacity is increasing very nicely on this abbreviated routine. Form is getting better each workout and lungs and recovery are getting better as well. PLUS the exericse selection really seems to be right on target for my current needs as I am getting better, not more injured. I really always have been a great fan of just a few basic exericses worked into the freaking ground, infrequently. I like to focus on one thing at a time and master it, as deeply as I can.

That's why I hate circuits. as soon as I am figuring it out I have to switch. never has worked for me. In gymnastics we would stretch and do tramp for an hour before practice started. then it was an hour or 45 minutes on floor ex,side horse, rings,parallel bars vault and hi bar.One day compulsory routines the next options( tricks!) day. We rotated the order after side horse but always did floor and pommels first.

One KB Cleans

72x5/5x5 sets

These felt great. very easy and strong although my upper back was tight for some reason. LOTS of great hips snap on these. When the bell is in close I can load my hips much better.I am using the bell as a counterweight now, finding the bells and my own combined center of gravity..Pavel is right( of course) you can sit further back this way than is normally possible Louies past perpindicular box squat technique!

Snatch hi pulls
53x12/12x5 sets

146 total reps

Suprised myself here. I hate any reps over five but these are good for me. Mechanics were very good and this let me practice my hip push back alot. I lose tension in the glutes very easily and if I dont keep them tight THATS when I lean over and load the back instead of the hips. Voila!

Farmers walk, on kb in rack
one 44 # x 2 100ft laps each arm, five times.

these were hard but much better than two kbs. not ready for that yet.44 was pushing it for 2 laps. 36 for three laps or four.

dats it. 55 minutes.

Oh and the ice cream diet is working. I had cut out ice cream trying to get down to 158 or so and started GAINING! I was almost 164 on more lo fat grains and no ice cream. back to steak and veggies and then ice cream( half pint) for dessert and now back to 161.4 and 10.8% BF. Go figure. Oh have been taking Nate Morrisons suggestion about cod liver oil and I seem to have noticed a definite difference in joint pain already.

Nutrition is just like training: highly individual and influenced by way more things than we know about, not the least of which is our heads.


Franz Snideman said...

Nice workout. I too like the high pull, fantastic movement. Really works the upper back in a way I don't get from other exercises.

Ice Cream and you are leaner - just goes to show you how important fat is, even the dreaded and evil "saturated" fat. What type of Cod liver are you taking?

Mark Reifkind said...

franz, its definitely wierd but I'm not arguing! LOL!@ Heres the cod live roil I'm taking

not the best tasting stuff in the world but it seems to be helping.