Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The ones that count

are the ones you dont want to do and have to fight with yourself to make yourself start.This is what builds inner strength and real character. It's easy to train when you feel strong, rested and pain free. It's when you feel the opposite that getting started is the hardest part of the workout.

Thought I was going to have a good one today. Slept pretty well, wasnt in too much pain and all the joints were moving correctly. But it was a long day at work and the sessions were intense and their was mucho bodywork and stretching to be done. Thumb work always kills my biceps and shoulders. Of course I had planned on 28 kg high pulls. oh well.gotsta do what ya gotsta do.

I imagine Pavel standing there with his arms crossed: " Don't be Sissy." ANd he's right. Go git some.

Snatch Hi Pulls

x9/9 = 126 reps Lower than I wanted but I was lucky to get them.
44x10/10x2 this was the weight I probably should have used.

This was a fight from the start. tried VERY hard to find my new hip position but the 28 kg was feeling a big heavy today and wanted badly to pull me over. Immediately felt more hammies, a sure sign of being pulled. I was late getting started and this was a bad day to push warmups. I didnt find my groove til the 20 kg sets. Lession: DO WARMUP UNTIL YOU FEEL WARM.Even if that means the workout is cut short.


53X 7/7
53X5/5 = 72 reps

Another mistake- should have done these first like last time. This is easy for me to find my hips in and would help it in the snatch pull, where it is harder for me,especially with heavy weight.

Rainy Farmers walk

2 53'sx2 laps/ four times

went heavy today because I wanted to get them over with.Not bad. Will use the 62's hopefully on Saturday.Will it ever stop raining?

datsit. Live to train another day.You just get these done. Still on track though. Volume is maintained.


Franz Snideman said...

nice job with the heavier KB's. And yes, your hammies will be working much more with the heavier weights.

Practice, don't train --- very cool!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks dude but I was leaning over too much and not into my hips enough. I think thats why I was feeling more hammies.althoughidont disagree with your statement about heavier weights and more involvement.

and practice dont train is straight out of rkc but I am now just getting for real. still have demons to kill as well eh?lol!

Franz Snideman said...

Rif - we all have demons or gremlins as I like to call them :)

But that's what makes life interesting. A life without challenge is really not a life at all.

Royce said...

Yes, I fight the inner lazy bastard all the time. Sucks, I wish he wasn't there, but so far I have been kicking his scrawny, weak, pansie butt.
And I have absolutely no excuse, I am pain free, my gym is in my garage, and I am asaty at home dad, and once I get started I feel incredible. I have and have always had a problem with procrastination.
Well no more, I'm stronger than that, and the only way to succeed is to suck it up and just do what I set my mind to, no matter what it is.

Mark Reifkind said...

yes and continuing to fight it daily is what makes us strong. more than whatever actually goes on in the workout.