Saturday, April 08, 2006

I lied.

I guess my best snatch volume is not the 148 I did last week but 178 from last July 11. good thing I keep I did some reps

36x8+8 things feel good. was messed up at work today,suprised to feel this good.
44x5+5 new sanded handle feels good. took that power coat crap off it.

53x7+7 nice. feels light
53x13+13 these arent that bad at all. form feels great. the extra LEG work is paying off I think!!53x11+11
53x9+9 sprinted right side from start. strong for a change.
53x10+10 these werent that hard
53x5+5 hold overhead position two counts each rep.

178 reps. excellent 146 last week. maybe a down week next monday. feel great that I can snatch correctly again. will hit 200 I'm sure.

we'll see what this am brings. hard to do those hi number with sets of five!LOL!

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