Monday, April 24, 2006

Four hours sleep and one hundred snatches.

What an amazing weekend. I will take me weeks to process what really transpired this last four days. My knee was going pretty well til saturday night and the walk to the restaurant for dinner. Sunday morning was ugly with soleus,gastroc and lateral hammie so locked up it woked me up at 4 am( 2 am PST). Yesterday was the kicker as I was on my feet until 2 am when I drove home from the airport.

Took me all morning into the start of the cert on sunday to limp normally, lol. BUT I was walking and standing for 12 hours a day for four days and that is definetly NOT my norm. It gave out at the end but compared to last year there is no comparison.I do however need a knee replacement in the near future. this is just getting way old. nothing else was bothering me. no back or shoulder issues and my energy was great.

I havent trained since last wednesday though and although I have burnt many calories I have not trained .Walking and standing all day was the goal this weekend. I can feel the difference. I need to train. So on 4 hours of bad sleep.At least its first in the am as I took today off.


53x5/5x10 100 reps

Amazing. this got very tough after 60 reps. I feel like shit.everything is off. took me 30 minutes to get my breathing to open up. BUT it needed to be done. Amazing how quickly condition falls off. Once i got warm i felt better but from 70-100 reps concentration was very so so.

Tactical pullups
3,4,5,3,4,5 27 reps. pause at top and bottom

man my energy sucks. traveling always wrecks my training.

flexibility work
on floor straddles and pike stretches. overhead hangs from power rack. No farmers walks for me today! maybe not all week but I doubt it.



Royce said...

Sorry about the knee, must suck to have something we take for granted every day removed.

Mark Reifkind said...

yeah man it would be amazing to have two knees that dont hurt. dont EVER take it for granted it's a huge gift.