Monday, April 03, 2006

Split workout

Had a cancellation mid morning today and decided to do my workout.Or the first part of my workout as I ended up with just 45 minutes. Just enough for my two exercises!LOL. I do tend to obsess but hey, I've been doing it for 34 years now.

Clean and press

53x6/6x8 sets 96 reps in 18 minutes.

Didnt rush but didnt take my time either.Dont want to sacrifice form at all. Amazing what just those few extra reps add up too. 16 more reps than last workout.

Pullups( tactical and STRICT)

45 total reps in the remaining 15 minutes.

two hours later

waiters walks with 36 #
2 100 foot laps right arm
2 100 foot laps left arm

4 times

LOL! bad idea to do waiters walks after presses. shoulders were cooked! Better to leave them on Wednesdays when I dont do other overhead work.

grooves feel so solid.


Franz Snideman said...

Wow Rif. I am impressed with the amount of volume you are doing. I wish I could do that much volume. Are you getting sore from this much volume?

How is your energy level the following day?

Great workout!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks franz. funny but it doesnt seem like much volume to me. I am used to doing way more stuff in powerlfitng and bodybuilding before that.

I am not getting sore at all. in fact it really doesnt seem like enough work but I think thats the key.Its nice being able to walk normally for a change.
Energy is actually great.

I think the key to building volume is finding a base level that you can do and recover from and wave cycle from that. Using one basic exercise and going from that seems to work.

thanks for the kind words.

Natan said...

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