Monday, February 06, 2006

Ten Minute Clean and Jerks

Well going against my better judgement I decided to make one clean and jerk workout a ten minute test. Or I decided to TRY a ten minute test and see whether I wanted to add it in :))

Not as bad as I thought and very reminiscent of 7x8's w/15 sec rest with db and barbell dicks from my WSB days. Lots of cardio but you can really pace yourself.Exceeded my expectations as well.I dont think I would do this each workout as I want to add in some 28 and then eventually 32 kg jerks as well for lower reps.But it was interesting

Clean and Jerks

53x5/5x7 sets
x3/3x1 in ten minutes;

76 reps, I would have been happy with fifty.Didnt know where my cardio was. Not bad at all. Just have to resist the temptation to rush the form to get more reps. About 30-4o sec rest/sets.I like these.

Ballistic pullups( thumbless)
6/7/10 PR!
6/7/5/4 = 45 reps

superset with

24kgx30,35,40,20,25 = 150 reps

Man the DARCS ALWAYS kick my legs ass!I have to use these more. tough but easy to push.
the pullups were great but the 10 rep pr killed me a little for the next sets. no problem havent done ten pullups in years.also able to do the tactical pullup thumbless hand position now. strange it feels fine.

handstands 3 sets of 10 sec all sets nailed on first rep!

farmers walk 2 24kgx 2 laps x 3 sets

Man this just shows how much the darcs killed my legs! these were HARD!!!!!


Joe pulled 405x2x2 like nothing today. totally raw too, no belt. he should pull 525 at the tsc no problem. His snatch form and endurance is coming together too.looks good.

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