Monday, February 13, 2006

A Real All time PR.

I'd pretty much given up on ever getting an all time personal best in any lift again.I set some pretty decent standards for myself back in the day and I've sworn off training or pushing above 90% these days as I just dont want any new injuries and it's nice the old ones are healing. So when I bottoms up clean and pressed the 24kg I was extremely suprised and happy.

I have tried to do that for many years but my right shoulder wouldnt go past half way up before the rotators would not hold.Very very surprised and pleased. And this is the first time I've done the movement in six months or more.

Bottoms up clean and press
20kgx1/1 decent.
24kg right armx miss
right armx1!PR
left armx1! easy!
24kg right arm x1PR
24kg left armx1
20kgx2/2 !!!
20kgx2/2+ double press on left! wow.

really have to focus on keeping the glutes tight on this one to make it on the right side! But hell this is really great. Two singles with 24 kg in the b/u press. And I double the left arm on the second set strongly.
super set with:

Tactical weighted pullups

These were suprinsingly strong as well. Holding the weight between my legs makes me stronger no doubt.

53x5/5x10 sets: 100 reps!

wow havent done this either in awhile. Joe and I were alternating set for sets( except he was doing sets of ten) so the pace was fast. I hadnt planned on 100 reps(esepcially how locked up and tight I was coming in) but things just went easily.Technique was solid and consistent. This is a keeper I think.Really have to turn the kb over at the top as fast as possible and pull the shoulder blade hard as I ascend. Feels the safest I have felt snatching although I did get loose on one snatch rep and felt my left shoulder/biceps are say hello. Cant let that happen. Ever. Focus.

BW squats
15x4 sets

Belt squat with kb/16kg

hung the weight from the front and it worked great as long as I kept it cinced up tight in the groin. this is my new squat move I think. Cant wait to try it with the two pood!



Joefitness said...

Great workout and a true/solid PR today, that a way bro, you keep pushing me too greeater are a true inspiration

Royce said...

Dude, cogratulations on the PR. I always read your blog just before I work out. Very inspirational, if I ever feel like slacking on a workout I just read a couple of posts and get fired up!!
Really cool that people can set PRs past 20's and 30's!!

Mark Reifkind said...


what a great compliment, thank you.I was very glad that is was a REAL, all time best and not just a "since my last injury" best,lol.I've been trying that for years.we'll see what else I can pull out of my hat in the coming months.