Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Power Squat of Kettlebells.

Decided to take my own advice and ease up on the snatches and pullups every workout.I know why I am always looking for an alternative to the two hand swing- because it's so hard that I'll take any excuse to do something else! Man,these kill me more than any other kb swing. Right in the weak points too: the hips/glutes and my ability to do high intensity reps. But I need to do more again.

Left shoulder was feeling a bit strained after my PR fest, as I thought it might so I took discretion.Plus even though I slept fairly well I must have woken up in a bad part of a REM cycle because I couldnt get going today.

Clean and Jerks: Ten minutes

53x5/5 3o sec rest for nine sets- 80 reps( a pr!?) in ten minutes

90 reps in 11:10 seconds 100 will come.

Wanted to feel out my shoulder so the first three sets were pretty timid.Just went for 5 reps each hand and trie to stay around 25-30 seconds. Speed up at the end but it was easier than last week.each set of ten took about 50 seconds. Dont want to go too fast or lockout and form will go.

I think I might just train this WSB style and not worry about total time, i.e Ten minutes. Instead, do 6x6 with 30 second rest for 8 sets.thats 96 reps;close enought o 100. like the old rolling db extensions seven sets of eight with 15 sec rest/sets. Way early TABATA.Cant fake the lockout or underestimate its value .

tactical pullups/bodyweight

6x5 very strong

supersetted with

Two Hand swings

Two handed swings are the Power Squat of kettlebell. Just a brutish, straightforward demonstration of raw power. Nowhere to run, no where to hide.And, just like in the squat, high reps are just freaking miserable.I am so weak in this movement its pathetic.
CNS pretty toasty from the jerks as well. Good stuff, glad I got through it.Trained solo today.


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Joefitness said...

No worries, next week I will be there to push you and you push me...and to watch/coach my form/technique!

See you Saturday for a great day