Saturday, February 04, 2006

Solid workout!

And somedays are great and you dont know why either. Felt very strong and fluid today. Techniques were on and power was up. pushed things a bit and it was good.

Weighted tactical pullup/ clean and press
bwx3 36x5/5
bwx3 44x5/5
18x3 53x5/5
36x3 53x6/6
53xalmost one 53x7/7
53x almost one 53x8/8

these felt really good on both exericses. I was SO CLOSE to getting my throat to the bar but missed by an inch; then I did another 3/4 rep but this is a pr. cleans and presses were very tight and I was mostly focused on linking the lower body to the press. much much better today the eight reps were strict and easy.

62x3/3x4 sets
55x8/8x4 sets

snatch grip hi pull
55x8/8 ( snatched the last 4 reps of the right hand.

total reps =102

these were rocking! Think I figured out the hand turnover at the top of the snatch correctly and this was what was loading my biceps so much with the heavier weights or faigued reps.I have to get the bell turned over fast, and get the elbow straight right away or my biceps and my shoulder take a beating.Adding that technique into starting the snatch by thinking "jump" and pulling with the upper back to keep the KB in close are the final touches for me. the 28kg felt easy.
Did the last set as hi pulls just trying not to be greedy but snatched the last 4 reps because it was easy! Yes.

4 sets of 15 seconds

even these were easy and solid today

Farmers Walk hi rack
2 36'sx2 laps, 4 sets.

solid too. this workout gets an A+.Joe was rocking too and is really getting lean. veins a poppin. the man is so much stronger than he knows. Just gotta train it out.


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Joefitness said...

thanks Rif! It is up too me and with you and your coaching I know that anything is possible!

These have been the best workouts, something different is in the air ;-)