Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Time to step up the gpp a bit to get ready for three days of the RKC. Nice and wet, soggy and frozen in the grass today.

Bear Crawls/Walking swings( with 36's)
5 supersets of BC's with the walking swings. Bs for 30-40 feet and the walking swings double that.BC's much better than the first time I did them last year although it took me a bit to get a rythym.

Rack walks with 36's
two lap sets done 4 times.each lap about 100 feet.

Waiters Walk
26#x2 laps
36#x2 laps

these were much better also then the first time I tried them last year. Shoulder was tight today too.

Low Rack Farmers walk
one long lap around field. easy.

about 20 minutes.perfect for a start.have to get used to more walking and carrying things.



Joefitness said...

Good job bro, nice work. See you were strong with the BC's. Good job yesterday with the press and pull-ups. Looking strong

Franz Snideman said...

Rif - you and Joe are really motivating me to get more serious with my training. Thanks for being such bad a**es.


Mark Reifkind said...


I hope that doesnt mean you are slacking in your training :)). You must stay at least 100 pounds ahead of your studette wife's strength work and 100 reps within her endurance work eh? LOL!! Now, get to work!

markdavidson said...

can you explain the different walks you do?


Joefitness said...

That is great stuff Rif, Franz the challenge has been presented...lol

You two keep kick ass down in La Jolla

Mark Reifkind said...


the farmers walks are done with the bells at the side, the rack walks with the bells in the rack position and the waiters walks with one bell overhead by itself or one overhead and one in the low farmers position.great stuff.