Friday, February 24, 2006

Woo Hoo! Glutes Baby!

Not even 24 hours after the swing workout and the glutes are talking back already. Those swings nailed my hips and glutes and for some reason the 30 second approach( as opposed to rep count) worked great for my mind. Have to try it again and see if it holds up.

Also tried to relax the grip at the top of the swing while I was rooting the feet and keeping the glutes engaged. Worked great, much better feel than before and it was direct hit on the target area.Snatches and Hi pulls tomorrow should be fun.

ALso, 25 'no hand get ups' today. this was tough with sore glutes but it made me focus on loading the quads.

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Joefitness said...

Bravo... i enjoy the back and forth work sets...hella of a push