Thursday, February 09, 2006

Two pood press.

Trained at Girya today with Monica.I was way stronger than I would have expected! You never know when you are going to feel good and be real strong but you certainly can take advantage of it.

Clean and Press / tactical pullups
36x5/5 bwx4
44x5/5 12#x3 ( held between legs, no belt)
53x5/5 20x3
63x3/3 30x3
63x3/3 strong. 30x3
72x2/2! 30x3

I felt strong what do you know. Groove was solid and linkage very good. Lots of total body tension and training on Giryas mats felt great. comfy.Pullups were great and I used a thumbless grip again easily.Holding the db between my legs was cool too as the added tension made me stronger. Have to use this method as well as the belt and experiment with holding the kbs on the feet. Hey, there's my tibialis anterior strengthener!

44x8/8x6 sets= 96 reps

These felt great. fast pace between sets too. wind very good. technique felt solid. Fast over the top into the arc then pull had from the upper back as I think "jump"- biceps and back both felt solid.

Snatch Hi Pull



Joefitness said...

Awesome, 2 pood press.. talk about getting stronger...lets just all keep pushing each other to great things. Keep it up yourself bro, you are an impressive athlete

Franz Snideman said...

nice workout Rif. 2 pood press for 2 reps, not bad, considering the previous sets completed.

Rock on brother!