Wednesday, February 01, 2006


it just doesnt pay to get out of bed. Normally I'm up at 4am and at work at 5:30. Always would love to sleep in and get more rest so I can train harder. Well today I didnt have to be at work til 8 am, slept in,got plenty of rest and ended up with a killer headache which made training just lovely.You never know.
Seriously I have had more good workouts off bad sleep than vice versa.I must not be fully helaed yet as I did sweat through two t shirts last night and must have been dehydrated( hence the headache). Did get a pr on the jerks but felt weird at the end and didnt do bottoms up cleans.

Clean and Jerks
44x5's( back adjusting too much,switch to singles)
x5/5 PR!
53x10/10 kind of pr, havent done this before.

Man my back was adjusting big time on the doubles. I love two kb work but I cant stand hearing that noise as I move.oh well, singles it is.The 63 moved easily for fives. The two pood is soon. When I can do 3x5/5 with the 28kg I'll move up.

ballistic pullups/one kb lunge
6,7,8,9,6 36/8,53/8,72x8x2 sets

this is when the headache really kicked in.should have gotten ten reps on the pullups but didnt have any umph.ALso will start cycling the swings in this circuit as I dont have enough energy after all this to do them justice

one arm swings

these were the best I have done in awhile but they kicked my ass.Headache in full swing and now I'm nausueous! Lovely. Need more fluids.

datsit.supposed to do bottom sup cleans and handstands. not today.

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