Monday, January 30, 2006

Leanest in Twenty Years

Can't beleive it- weighed in at 162.8 and 9.5% bodyfat!! This is the leanest I've been in twenty plus years. Since my bodybuilding and endurance days.I've been hanging around 10-10.5% bf for the last few months and this is the first time I've dipped under ten.very very pleased and my strength is up to boot!Warrior Diet rocks.Its not like I'm deprived at all.

One KB press/Weighted tactical pullups
36x5/5 bwx3
44x5/5 18x3
53x3/3 26x3
62x3/3 26x3
62x3/3 26x3
53x5/5 26x3
53x5/5 26x3

Did not feel super strong today but very steady with the 28 kg and the pullups were good volume. Back to my 4 am wakeup again and was not quite ready for it.

x7/7 72 reps

This felt ok.not great, not bad, just ok.groove was solid, just have to remember to jump and use the legs not just the pull.breathe was fine. fast pace with just me and Joe.

depth squats

these were great- standing on 13" blocks and on bell was on 2 board, not 3 board like last week. THese always open up my hips and work my legs really well. The best squat motion for me.

Farmers walk
2 53'sx 2 laps x 4 sets.

did these in the rain. no problem. I have to do these. I can really feel the difference when I dont.trying to walk as fast as I can too which is amazing considering not long ago I was just concerned with just being able to walk at all.



Royce said...

If you don't mind my asking, what injury or injuries did you sustain, sounds bad. By the way, I really enjoy reading your blog, wish I had been as motivated to move as you are now, however I am discovering a newfound love of movement, just set a new pr based on your post about swings, I am really sore today though!!!

Mark Reifkind said...


I blew out my left knee at age 17 in high school gymnastics, then my shoulder in my junior year of collegiate gymnastics.dislocations are not fun.

I also herniated some discs in 2000 after 13 years of powerlifting.all of them are so much better now with kbs and joint mobility/flexibility training. Its really a miracle I can move and train like this again.

Glad to hear about the swing pr, they are seriouysly tough and make you tough as well. keep up the good work